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Ffive stars

No question about it, five stars, super podcast.

I love this show

I love this show. Really fun, intelligent conversations.


the best thing on my iPod. Always compelling,always interesting.

Honestly the best



Fantastic collection of Podcast which are a must-listen for you!


Really enjoy the podcast,lots of info and think they are great.

Great Podcast

A friendly,accessible podcast.Highly recomended!

Absolutely perfect

I highly recommend this podcast!!! 10000000 stars!


its amazing and wonderful luv it keep it up guys

Great Podcast!

Love the idea!Love the concept!


Wow what a fantastic podcast

I recommend it!

I was looking for some podcast like this for a while now I'm glad I download it


Thanks for all the great info looking forword to what's new

Great info!!

I've always been really impressed with the content of these shows.

Scientists and porn!

I haven’t seen a podcast format like this yet, and it’s brilliant. They’re not what you expect from a podcast talking about porn. It’s not tawdry, the women who host it really seem to want you to know more about the porn you consume and how to have better sex, and every they make all their listeners feel like there’s room for them in the sexual universe. Am recommending to friends!

Love it!

I never knew I needed this in my life, but now that it's a thing, I could never live without it. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed this podcast

I really enjoyed this podcast. The guest and host seem like they are having lots of fun, and that was fun to listen too.

Alice and Yvette are brilliant, funny, and so very clever in their breakdowns of porn plots and deep dives into the adult film industry. Titillating, informative, and HILARIOUS!!!

I’m addicted

So I started listening in for curiosity, but I must say I love the channel. The second episode is my favorite so far. Great insight of the porn industry. The two “girls” do a great job asking the questions we want answers to. Keep it going!

Great Platform!

I enjoy this so far. I love that it’s a fellow woman’s point of view, with a great comfort level and humor. My only complaint is that Yvette’s connection or mic sounds terrible, unless that’s my phone? This is a keeper for me.

Who knew that adult entertainment could be funny?

Well, actually the whole idea is kind of absurd when you think about it, but they make it even more so. Lots of fun listening, and informative at times. Count me as a regular.


Really enjoyable podcast. Host by two ladies who are making a porn review podcast not at all creepy or slimy like you may think a it may be. Looking forward to next episode.

Why hasn’t this been done before?

Two women talking about porn, what’s not to love. They're witty, fun, and smart. Plus, I actually think I learned something.

The best!

Two awesome people, one awesome mic. So happy to join the adventure from the beginning. You’re going to laugh, you’re going to learn, you’re going to awkwardly explain to others what it’s about!!