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Hilarious and insightful dissection of “holes and plotholes”

The hosts have great chemistry together, and are always entertaining while still educating you about sex positivity, challenging your notions about sex work and telling you which porn movies have the funniest set ups to the sex scenes.

Intelligence for the Mind

The presenters are highly educated, articulate funny women who produce compelling content. Takeaway: Sex work is work. #Respect

Thanks Secular Sexuality!

I’m checking out this podcast bc I heard Yvette on the fantastic ACA show Secular Sexuality and was very intrigued by this concept. Who doesn’t like porn? Who doesn’t like porn so bad it’s good? Not this dude I tell you. Thanks to the hosts for making an awesome podcast.

Born too early

I’m too olde to be listening but I adore the frank talk from the young ladies and the sluts if they’d rather go by that moniker. I never know what will be the next pun or scientific observation. Very entertaining!


Overall an entertaining listen, good questions and interviewing skills by the host and interesting authors, highly recommended!

Funny and informative

Really enjoy it!

A must listen.

Funny, sexy and educational. What more can you ask for.

Great show

Love the podcast. Funny and enjoyable

You'll laugh until you...

This is one of the funniest and most irreverant podcasts around...which makes it a favorite. Both Yvette and Alice are hilarious and insightful with their reviews and discussion of the industry.

Irreverent, funny, and boundary busting

I’ve known and loved Yvette from her work as ‘SciBabe’.... when I heard about this project I didn’t know how to feel about it. The beauty of Yvette and Alice’s work is it made me face my preconceptions and latent prejudices: Women can watch and enjoy porn as much as men can. The ladies have great chemistry together... they’re irreverent and funny. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this podcast when I first read about it.... I’m happy to say was mistaken! Thanks, ladies for making this recovering Catholic expand his horizons!

Hugely funny!!

Great fun. I really love the guests they know well in reality.

You need to listen!

This is a podcast that reviews porn. Do I really need to say anything else? Everyone has seen porn but do you know what goes on behind the scenes? Where the writers and directors get their inspiration? How do the actors (talent) feel about their job? Yvette and Alice answer these questions and more. They’re inquisitive, smart, and funny. This makes a great combination for hosts. I get a ton of laughs as well as some knowledge each episode. I didn’t realize I needed this show until I started listening. Subscribe now and become a patron!


Listening to this podcast changed my life. It got me a better rate on my mortgage, reduced greenhouse emissions on my car, and is a bona fide cure for men’s erectile dysfunction. They include step-by-step exercises for how to do Kegel exercises so powerful they set off seismic monitors as far away as Peru and produce erections so dense they can bend light. Plus, you know, porn.

Sex positive and hilarious

Alice and Yvette, two comedians/science educators have a ball talking about porn. The enthusiasm is infectious, and the filthy jokes are literate. I’m learning plenty about the industry and the state of the sex positive world from the interviews, and listening to the recaps of the films is like having a cocktail night with friends tearing into a MST3K of your favorite B-movie. Except this time the monsters have sex. It’s delightful.


been a huge fan of Scibabe for years, and when I learned she had a podcast I had to listen. This is better than most of the comedy podcasts in my rotation. she and Alice make a great team. more please!


A comedy podcast about porn that’s actually not degrading to the people involved. amazing to say the least.


As a huge Potterhead, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls changed my life. i think I forgot to breathe a few times


Very funny and hot, definatly my new favorite podcast

Absolutely fantastic!

LoLoLO. This podcast shoots to the top of my playlist whenever it comes out. I love it so much.


This has got to be the best and most empowering podcast ever!!!


Best podcast out there, not to mention these ladies are absolutely hilarious. keep the great episodes coming


Very funny and hot, defintely my new favorrite podcast


Love this podcast, funny, personable girls, funny gueste, and all around great topics to listens to.


Thank you for sharing so many great authors on your show. I am a big fan of Christian literature for young people. I really enjoy your regular interviews with Leslea Wahl, she is one of my favorites.

Super podcast.

I am a fan. Really fun, often times thought provoking. Super podcast.

So thankful

I am an aspiring author. I find so much inspiration listening to this show. So thankful that there is a podcast that gives so many authors a chance.

Love, love, love

Love, love, love this podcast! Keep up the great work!

Love this show

Love this show. The best podcast ever! I never miss an episode.

Love it.

I don’t have a lot of time to listen to podcasts, but I always find time to listen to this one. Love it.

Great show

Great show, I listen to every show. Always something fun and different.

Ffive stars

No question about it, five stars, super podcast.

I love this show

I love this show. Really fun, intelligent conversations.


the best thing on my iPod. Always compelling,always interesting.

Honestly the best



Fantastic collection of Podcast which are a must-listen for you!


Really enjoy the podcast,lots of info and think they are great.

Great Podcast

A friendly,accessible podcast.Highly recomended!

Absolutely perfect

I highly recommend this podcast!!! 10000000 stars!


its amazing and wonderful luv it keep it up guys

Great Podcast!

Love the idea!Love the concept!


Wow what a fantastic podcast

I recommend it!

I was looking for some podcast like this for a while now I'm glad I download it


Thanks for all the great info looking forword to what's new

Great info!!

I've always been really impressed with the content of these shows.

Scientists and porn!

I haven’t seen a podcast format like this yet, and it’s brilliant. They’re not what you expect from a podcast talking about porn. It’s not tawdry, the women who host it really seem to want you to know more about the porn you consume and how to have better sex, and every they make all their listeners feel like there’s room for them in the sexual universe. Am recommending to friends!

Love it!

I never knew I needed this in my life, but now that it's a thing, I could never live without it. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed this podcast

I really enjoyed this podcast. The guest and host seem like they are having lots of fun, and that was fun to listen too.

Alice and Yvette are brilliant, funny, and so very clever in their breakdowns of porn plots and deep dives into the adult film industry. Titillating, informative, and HILARIOUS!!!

I’m addicted

So I started listening in for curiosity, but I must say I love the channel. The second episode is my favorite so far. Great insight of the porn industry. The two “girls” do a great job asking the questions we want answers to. Keep it going!

Great Platform!

I enjoy this so far. I love that it’s a fellow woman’s point of view, with a great comfort level and humor. My only complaint is that Yvette’s connection or mic sounds terrible, unless that’s my phone? This is a keeper for me.

Who knew that adult entertainment could be funny?

Well, actually the whole idea is kind of absurd when you think about it, but they make it even more so. Lots of fun listening, and informative at times. Count me as a regular.


Really enjoyable podcast. Host by two ladies who are making a porn review podcast not at all creepy or slimy like you may think a it may be. Looking forward to next episode.

Why hasn’t this been done before?

Two women talking about porn, what’s not to love. They're witty, fun, and smart. Plus, I actually think I learned something.

The best!

Two awesome people, one awesome mic. So happy to join the adventure from the beginning. You’re going to laugh, you’re going to learn, you’re going to awkwardly explain to others what it’s about!!