May 20, 2020

#88- What is "Jeopardy Porn?"

Alice & Yvette are joined by Friendly atheist and Jeopardy winner/loser Hemant Mehta () to review This Ain't Jeopardy XXX. Learn …

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May 13, 2020

#87- Dirty Jersey

Alice & Yvette are joined by comedian and world record holder, Aaron Berg () to review the Jersey Shore porn parody. The trio tal…

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May 7, 2020

#86- The Goo Place

Alice & Natalia are going the bad place for review The Good Place Porn Parody with comedian Andrew Nadeau (). Along the way, the …

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April 30, 2020

#85- Dragon Boob Z

Yvette & Alice are joined by comedian-rapper, Open Mike Eagle, () to review the porn version of the anime classic, Dragon Ball Z.…

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April 23, 2020

#84- Tell Me What You Want

Alice & Natalia are joined by social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller () to discuss all your fantasies--threesomes, cuckholding,…

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April 16, 2020

#83- Fire Bush

Alice & Yvette are joined by adult performer, Lauren Philips (). The ladies discuss Tiger King, video games, teleprompters, custo…

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April 8, 2020

#82- How Cum

Alice & Yvette are joined by comedian and host of "How Cum" podcast, Remy Kassimir (). The trio discuss what to do if you've neve…

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April 2, 2020

#81- Perv City

Alice & Yvette are joined by Suzanne () content creator behind Perv City! This week the trio dives into topics like plunger dick,…

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March 31, 2020

#80- All American Butthole

Alice & Yvette are joined by pornstar, Kenna James (). The ladies struggle to review Twilight porn, talk historical vampires, con…

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March 18, 2020

#79- Buck Angel

Alice & Yvette are joined by the original tranpa, Buck Angel (! The trio discusses cancel culture, coronavirus, trans activism, b…

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March 12, 2020

#78- Squeal PayPiggy

Alice & Yvette are joined by an AVN award winning dom, Violet Doll ()! She whips the ladies into learning all about financial hum…

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March 4, 2020

#77- The Gang Makes A Porno

Yvette & Alice are joined by their friend, satirist, and Science Enthusiast, Dan Broadbent (), to review It's Always Sunny Porn. …

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Feb. 26, 2020

#76- Love Emergency

Yvette & Alice are joined by the Frotcast's Vince Mancini () to review an original porno plot: LOVE EMERGENCY. A love story about…

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Feb. 19, 2020

#75- Space Nuts

Yvette & Alice have a foursome with comedians Matt & Mattingly (@HeyScoops) to review Space Nuts! Join them as they review the  t…

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Feb. 13, 2020

#74- Let's Talk About Decrim

Alice & Yvette are joined by () to discuss what we did at the AVNs, decrim vs legalization, why the Nordic Model is terrible, se…

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Feb. 4, 2020

#73- Fawxy Lady

Yvette & Alice are joined by everyone's favorite MILF, Alexis Fawx (). The ladies review the Die Hard porn parody, Dick Hard. The…

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Jan. 29, 2020

#72- Dick & Morty

Alice & Yvette are joined by their fairy porn-mother, Ela Darling ()! The trio discuss (), sex toy horcruxes,  guys with cameras…

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Jan. 21, 2020

#71- Bree's Way

& are joined by adult director, Bree Mills () to discuss the Netflix of porn, her career, latest films, and how laws like Califo…

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