Aug. 21, 2019

#51- Touched By a Burning Angel

Alice & Yvette are joined by industry powerhouse and lemon stealing whore, Joanna Angel (). The ladies discuss her career, , Instagram, , furniture & logos in porn, clone dogs, and much more.  Yvette d'Entremont 0:00 Here are...

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Alice & Yvette are joined by industry powerhouse and lemon stealing whore, Joanna Angel (@JoannaAngel). The ladies discuss her career, Joanna's choose your adventure book, Instagram, Alice's $500 crayon contest, furniture & logos in porn, clone dogs, and much more. 

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Yvette d'Entremont 0:00
Here are two girls one Mic, we encourage you to find ethically produced porn and regular listeners know that it's a great time in the industry performers can set their own terms and interact with fans like you directly.

Alice Vaughn 0:12
So we're partnering with kam for calm to bring him a special offer. Go to camp for coupon slash podcasts and create your free account and Kim Ford is giving you 20 free tokens to get you started, which you could send the models to stand out play games or make requests

Yvette d'Entremont 0:28
is this game of finding porn?

Alice Vaughn 0:31
It's not not gamifying porn.

Yvette d'Entremont 0:33
I'm totally okay with this. So camphor has models who are game for almost anything if you're into it, Cam pours got it on demand with

Alice Vaughn 0:42
tokens, requests like wave to the camera with a dildo, stuck on that same dildo while writing a stuffed unicorn. teach my

Yvette d'Entremont 0:51
mother to use her iPhone

Alice Vaughn 0:53
answer pre tell what exactly is their velocity of an unladen swallow read iron Rand Burn iron Rand call people

Yvette d'Entremont 1:01
fascist for burning iron Rand

Alice Vaughn 1:04
find a recipe for homemade ravioli

Unknown Speaker 1:06
pretend to be my girlfriend from Canada with my roommate blocks in

Alice Vaughn 1:10
touch yourself to the sounds of Jani.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:12
Touch yourself to the sounds of Weird Al Yankovic.

Alice Vaughn 1:15
Wait, you don't already

Yvette d'Entremont 1:17
to enjoy some foreplay with the models before we finish you off. Go to camp or coupons calm slash podcast that's cam and the number for slash podcast create your free account today.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
This is two girls one Mike, the show that talks about the holes and plotholes of your favorite porn.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:40
Welcome to Two girls one Mic the porn cast that has its very own Madonna whore complex. I'm your co host. We've had dogs from LA and here's my lovely talented and bubbly blonde co host Alice Vaughn Alice, how are you doing this week?

Alice Vaughn 1:53
You know what I'm doing even better now that we all nailed the clap. And I do not mean chlamydia.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:59
We did nail that Clap no to inform our listeners who may not be familiar with the wild world of audio editing, we all have our own separate tracks that we're recording in our remote little locations in Los Angeles, New York and a bunker somewhere in New Mexico, I assume, of course, and we have to record these tracks and to make sure that they're all lined up, we say 123 and then clap, and I am apparently not good at my rhythm Alice, we've learned is our good clap leader. So when she leads you to the clap, you're gonna like it. You're gonna walk away enjoying that experience? Yeah, our tangents are going weird today.

Alice Vaughn 2:34
You know what, I will allow it and so will all of my gynecologist.

Yvette d'Entremont 2:39
All of them do stuff I'm gonna call I want to know what's happening with your policy that you have all of them.

Alice Vaughn 2:45
Look, I'm just saying that I double triple quadruple check that policy. So just not everyone,

Yvette d'Entremont 2:50
like a second opinion. A fifth opinion. Now we have a guest speaking of vaginas and that have been checked and we think are delightful. We have wonderful guests on today that we're very happy to have. Oh, thank you.

Alice Vaughn 3:03
I'm really excited because we have Joanna Angel on the show today. Hi. Okay, so you're basically a one woman Empire.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:12
Yeah. Which is it's just so impressive in this industry.

Alice Vaughn 3:15
Oh, thank you. You're a Hall of Famer, you're a writer. You're a director. You're a porn star. You're a lemon thief.

Joanna Angel 3:22
I am 11 paid professionally. And a lemon. Yeah, it's been a while. Yeah.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:27
Now people know about your other work, but we need to hear about the lemon thievery.

Joanna Angel 3:31
Yeah, well,

Yvette d'Entremont 3:32
I've had a lemon tree. So I need to I have a vested interest in this.

Unknown Speaker 3:36
Well, you better watch out.

Unknown Speaker 3:39
For all those sealing holes

Unknown Speaker 3:41
I'm coming for.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:43
You know what, if someone's gonna steal my lemons, I want it to be Joanna Angel. I think that's fair.

Joanna Angel 3:48
careful what you wish for.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:51
I will invite you over to make some lemon curd with me if you steal my lemons.

Alice Vaughn 3:56
All right. And so for our audience, and even those who are unaware Have the lemon thievery. So where that comes about is because you did from what I'm aware of in one of the porins there was a plot where James Dean and an actress I stole lemon. Yes. Where you stole lemons. And yeah, it's great because they look away from their lemon tree for about 10 seconds as they even say in their script. And you're like taking lemons and shoving them into a one piece.

Joanna Angel 4:27
Yeah, yeah, that's like a one piece. I seriously did this porn like, probably 12 years ago. Wow. And it's very funny because like, I just remember the day I was going to set like I it's like, I wonder if that's how people feel when they record their hit song and like their first album, like I didn't know that day was going to be the day that no matter what else I did for the rest of my career would be more remembered than anything.

Yvette d'Entremont 4:56
Try the day that you do the thing that people know you for Yeah, yeah. And it's you know, you peaked with that lemon tree man.

Joanna Angel 5:05
Yeah, I think that was the beginning and end of my career was that. But yeah, I really didn't know. And it's funny but not funny or ironic and kind of sad. I mean, that guy in the same as my ex boyfriend and we definitely don't speak anymore and haven't spoken in probably, I don't know eight years or something. And the guy who shot the scene is dead in a girl on the scene is also dead. Very sad. Yeah. And I think he actually murdered her. But that's a whole other story. That I Oh, yeah, porno. That's Thanks, Matt. But I did steal the lemons. We made a great video.

A lot of tragic things happen. 10 years later. Yeah, we all made a great.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
I have questions.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Questions about the

Unknown Speaker 5:58
baby. No, no. She was a good friend of mine. No, no. I mean, it's

Unknown Speaker 6:04
the context of how I was told this funny, but not that and by the way murders.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Yeah, like lemons,

Unknown Speaker 6:11
delightful part of career murders, we think I mean, I think it

Joanna Angel 6:14
wasn't officially confirmed. I don't know. I stopped. Oh, man.

Yvette d'Entremont 6:17
Oh my god. Yeah, there's

Joanna Angel 6:20
a lot of darkness. And I was like, yeah.

Yvette d'Entremont 6:26
That's a great line to start a chapter in a book. There was a lot of darkness in those lemons. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 6:31
yes. So people always want to ask me about it. And I'm like,

Alice Vaughn 6:36
well, it all started with lemons.

Joanna Angel 6:39
But it was one of those things. It was. And I remember in the beginning of the day, the director was like, I don't know what to do today. And he had this lemon tree and he's like, why don't you just feel those lemons and then you get yelled at and it was like, okay, and I was so new in porn. I was like, Alright, well, that's not what I was expecting to do today. And then I remember looking at my suitcase that I brought To set and I was like, well, all the clothes I brought, you know was just like heels and stripper bikinis because, you know, I thought it was gonna be that kind of day. I was like I don't really have clothes to run around the yard and seal lemons music that's fine just where your where your stripper clothes. I was like,

Alice Vaughn 7:19
Okay, what is the appropriate lemon stealing attire?

Joanna Angel 7:23
You know, I don't know, I guess I was thinking like, you know, like shorts and a tank top.

Yvette d'Entremont 7:27
Yeah, suburban housewife. It's just I thought this was a public alley and I could just grab the

Joanna Angel 7:34
way way way before I was a milk. So I am bringing like, blazers and pants, you know that's that's very normal for me to bring to set now. But back then it was nothing but like, right, you know, color history for clothes. Don't tell

Alice Vaughn 7:51
me that I've been wearing blazers since I exited the womb.

Yvette d'Entremont 7:55
She has a shower blazer, very moisture wicking

Joanna Angel 7:58
the plastic one

Alice Vaughn 8:00
technically a poncho with an open slit okay yeah

Joanna Angel 8:03
okay, well that's very fancy you must you must have a fancy shower where you have meetings in there and stuff

Yvette d'Entremont 8:10
one day I think she should get like a latex blazer

Alice Vaughn 8:14
Wait I want to latex place her

Joanna Angel 8:16
see I knew a make latex blazers yeah they do

Unknown Speaker 8:19
I know a couple of companies we could hook you up with I'm googling this what

Joanna Angel 8:23
and make entire latex suits Oh yeah, they're not cheap so be careful put some money aside and get yourself a nice latex blazer Yeah, yeah if

Yvette d'Entremont 8:31
you're gonna get latex invest put money in

Joanna Angel 8:33
Yeah, right before you call it I was actually organizing all my clothes. Oh, and yeah, I just did a movie like a couple weeks ago or everybody was wearing latex in it. So I had this like entire bag full of just like lots and lots of latex and it was just spilled all over the floor. I'm like there's like about $7,000 worth of plastic in front oh right now.

Like I better like folded up

Yvette d'Entremont 8:57
and the smell of latex oil and powder is everywhere. Yeah, yeah,

Joanna Angel 9:02
latex and lube and powder and everything. Yeah,

Yvette d'Entremont 9:05
I did a teensy little bit of modeling, eight ish years ago and my first thing was a runway show in a latex dress. Yeah. So you still have the dress and I'm terrified to try putting it back on the same size. Yeah, but Mike's good. Go.

Joanna Angel 9:21
Put some lube on and put it

Yvette d'Entremont 9:23
next time we're at. Like, if we go to Exotica next year, Alice, I will bring the dress. Okay. You know, I've learned

Joanna Angel 9:29
latex to exotic Well, I guess which exotic are we talking about?

Alice Vaughn 9:34
That's a great question. I mean, they have Chicago, right, Florida, New Jersey and Portland. Are there any others think that's all? But uh, I'm gonna miss New Jersey, unfortunately this year. Oh, yeah,

Joanna Angel 9:47
I've worn latex to the jersey one and then when you go outside, it's good. Because it's so cool that time of year in New Jersey.

Alice Vaughn 9:55

Joanna Angel 9:56
you will think it is people think it's bad to wear latex in the heat because you get sweaty I don't care I can be sweaty all day but like i mean it's literally like you're wearing a piece of plastic in the freezing cold era like it's like the good like got 20 degrees colder

Yvette d'Entremont 10:09
you get cold in ways that you don't expect you know the feeling when you when your nipples are hard from the cold it's like that exacerbated in horrible horrible ways. Yeah

Joanna Angel 10:21
knows it was crazy but I'd still recommend it. I'm very pro latex. I love I love latex. It feels really

Yvette d'Entremont 10:27
good on your skin.

Joanna Angel 10:28
It doesn't it looks beautiful and like it's my like designer clothes like I don't buy blue buttons or whatever. I don't I've never bought like a designer anything in my life. But I will buy like nice latex. So when I want to like go somewhere fancy, like a latex. It just

Yvette d'Entremont 10:46
looks fancy it does. Here's an opportunity for a quick learning moment because our audience might have people that are interested in latex. What should someone look for in a good piece of latex?

Alice Vaughn 10:55
I don't own any latex. So I'm learning

Joanna Angel 10:57
you know, I don't know because I've always Bought latex from like two people and they're like two of the best people. So I don't know. I mean, I would just make sure it's like rapido. But what's the worst that could happen? It's just

Yvette d'Entremont 11:10
eloping. Yeah, it's something that falls apart quickly those types of issues. I mean, ultimately,

Joanna Angel 11:15
it's close. Yeah, like, just try it on. If it feels right where you know, it's not like, you're gonna get like a, like a medical.

Yvette d'Entremont 11:31
Yeah, a medical emergency from later. I'm trying to think yeast. Yeah, right.

Alice Vaughn 11:36
I know how much he's built up is there if there's a medical emergency is having real

Joanna Angel 11:41

Alice Vaughn 11:42
Do we need to call one of my nine gynecologists?

Joanna Angel 11:45
It's up to nine. Now what happened to the last 20 minutes was for that it was five now it's nine. There is a situation occurring in Alice. Do you alternate them? Do you lie to that to the other ones? Do you say Oh, it's my yearly exam,

but you're Really going every month to someone?

Yvette d'Entremont 12:02
This isn't about the gynecology Alice,

Alice Vaughn 12:05
I actually did that one time.

Unknown Speaker 12:07
This is about vaginal validation at this point, the most unsexy affair I've ever heard of.

Yvette d'Entremont 12:14
I just want someone to tell me it's pretty

Unknown Speaker 12:18
good matcha is valid and tell me the clitoral hood is normal

Alice Vaughn 12:24
I just want to confirm the weightless Libya flaps normal right

Yvette d'Entremont 12:28
it's okay at the left one's bigger right it's okay

Alice Vaughn 12:31
for waves high right? It's okay if my Libya has its own form of nipples right

Yvette d'Entremont 12:38
I have questions doctor know if your Libya has its own form of nipples please email us info at two girls one calm

Joanna Angel 12:46
I can't answer those questions. You got to call God call doctor.

Yvette d'Entremont 12:50
This is why you have nine gynecologist Yeah,

Joanna Angel 12:52
if one of them tell him no and then maybe one more,

Yvette d'Entremont 12:56
your lady a gently week.

Alice Vaughn 13:00
If my lady is crying and I could tell it's definitely not come, should I? So your gynecology

Yvette d'Entremont 13:06
the color would suggest what to do with that. Oh, Lord, why does my

Alice Vaughn 13:11
lady I have tear ducts?

Yvette d'Entremont 13:13
Tears of my maybea sorry. That was how the song went, right?

Joanna Angel 13:18
Yes, yes. Yeah,

Alice Vaughn 13:20
it definitely is a hit single by the bangles. Yes. So, I mean, you've kind of been a pioneer in Well, someone would describe it as punk rock porn, or really what suicide babes tried being but I think you best describe them as the McDonald's of ultra porn.

Yvette d'Entremont 13:41
So funny. I said that once. That's an amazing line. People keep remembering it. It's so funny. I mean, you've managed to create an empire out of producing something that people didn't know they wanted. And once they saw it, they're like, yes. So I want more of this. Yeah. And I mean, that's you. I think you figured out what you wanted to watch is what a I mean, or at least that's what I feel when I see your work. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 14:02
no, it really is. Over the years, sometimes when times were slow, or I was just stuck, I'd be like, Okay, well, let me just look at like the market and look at stats and try to just make what I think people want to see. And every time I do that, would fail. And I'm like, okay, I just have to literally make my business plan to keep just doing whatever the fuck I want, which is like a blessing and a curse because people who do have to follow trends and very much study their data and their stats and everything like it's, it's easier to figure out what to do next, you know, but I'm like, every time I try to do that, it wouldn't really work. So I have to just kind of wait for that moment or I'm like, ah, I have no idea. Okay, let's do this.

Guy. Now. Everything just

Yvette d'Entremont 14:54
always went down. I feel you as a creative,

Joanna Angel 14:57
totally the worst way to run it. Yes, ever. I'm not going to be Mark Cuban When I grow up, but I did actually which maybe maybe people now maybe people don't know in January, I sold my company. Oh, I didn't know that.

Unknown Speaker 15:10
Wow. Yeah, Rugrats.

Joanna Angel 15:12
No, thank you. Yeah, I mean, I owned it for 16 or 17 years or something.

Yvette d'Entremont 15:18
You do not look old enough to have owned a business for six or seven years. So you've done well, really,

Joanna Angel 15:23
I'm still directing for it. It's kind of cool, because now I know I get like a check from someone else.

Alice Vaughn 15:29
You'll just all the liability.

Joanna Angel 15:31
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So that's cool. So not much has changed to the fans. You know, look, one day they could take it away from me. They could fire me, they could end it, they could change it. And I won't really have control, unfortunately. But that day is not today. So I'm still directing. And yeah, I think after a while, I learned I really loved creating and I love making movies and I love producing more so than I liked all the business. See business stuff. Think there once upon a time, I was like, you know, I want to, like, make this business bigger and start other businesses and like, I had a lot of employees and I was doing all this stuff. And then like, I think later on, I was like, I really like any of the business part of business. I, my favorite part is, is creating. Yeah, so selling the company how, you know,

Yvette d'Entremont 16:19
I think you learn for running a company if you like doing the stuff that fuels the company, or if you like running it true,

Joanna Angel 16:24
cuz you kinda have to do everything. Yeah. Uh huh. Or you have to pay someone else to do it. So

Yvette d'Entremont 16:32
like, I'm a writer, I just want to be funny. I want someone else to like, make the thing run. Yeah, no, and it's unfortunately doesn't work that way until you're making enough money to pay someone to make it run. So it's like getting over that hump. That's the hard part. No, I know.

Joanna Angel 16:47
Well, I actually am not sure if you guys knew this either. But I wrote a book last year. I actually have two years ago now. Yeah, it came out last year. It's called Night Shift. Congratulations. Yeah, it said that you find on Amazon night shift. By Joanna Angel we'll put in the show notes. Yes. It's a choose your own adventure.

Yvette d'Entremont 17:06
erotic novel. Oh, I'm getting this.

Alice Vaughn 17:09
Wait, I want it.

Joanna Angel 17:10
Hold on. Yeah, I actually I have to start another one I have I'm contractual this

Yvette d'Entremont 17:14
in my on my Amazon wishlist. Thank

Joanna Angel 17:16
you. I mean, you just bought it. It's like $12. So yeah, I know. It's

Yvette d'Entremont 17:20
just putting out there fans if you want to, if you want to get the analysis to, if you you should buy it for yourselves and gift it to me and I'll

Alice Vaughn 17:29
wait. I have a question about choose your own adventure with erotica specifically,

Joanna Angel 17:34
and I'll show you guys I have it right. Literally right here. I

Yvette d'Entremont 17:37
want there to be like a disappointing ending. I wanted to be like, and the Cialis doesn't work and you get about three pumps in before he makes you a disappointing breakfast of leftover steak and runny eggs. True story. Hey,

Alice Vaughn 17:52
that was my book. The choice Okay, night shift. Got it. Nice Angel. I will definitely link this in the show notes. I'm curious. What kind of choices do you give people put in the ass versus put it in a vagina and then you see what happens and if you choose wrong, your dick breaks off. Now Donna that extreme Okay, I am writing the wrong novels. Well,

Joanna Angel 18:14
there is some choices like that there is certain parts of the book where the main character goes and explores things and then in one path she's dominant and in one path missive there's like one path Do you want to like

Yvette d'Entremont 18:29
so you're kind of writing the character, not just writing the little decisions?

Alice Vaughn 18:33
Yeah, in one path. You're getting audited for your taxes for the last five years. Yeah.

Joanna Angel 18:39
But you know, there's a story there's a bunch of different paths to take.

Yvette d'Entremont 18:42
There's actually there's a path where she likes the long term and there's a path or she thinks that tastes like so

Joanna Angel 18:46
bright. I don't understand why some people think it tastes like so

Unknown Speaker 18:50
there's an actual genetic reason for it. It's a gene and you know,

Joanna Angel 18:54
everyone I've met that doesn't like cilantro. Eventually we wind up having a really big falling out later. So, don't think I can get along with people that don't like cilantro.

Alice Vaughn 19:04
You're in LA. On tacos. I get it.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
Deal Breaker. Yeah. I wonder if there are people who think it tastes like soap and also like it.

Joanna Angel 19:13
Is there anyone out there who thinks it tastes like soap and also likes it? That's a good point.

Yvette d'Entremont 19:18
Because I wonder I wonder when I'm tasting it. I'm like, I like the flavor of it, but I might tasting it in a way that other people also interpret as tasting like soap, but I like this flavor, because I don't I like the flavor. But I wonder what this how people interpret it as soapy. You know, that's fucking with my head.

Joanna Angel 19:37
lamps. There might be some people out there who really like so if you enjoyed the taste of soap,

Alice Vaughn 19:41
email us at info to girls on mic calm. We just want to know,

Yvette d'Entremont 19:45
because I've tried a loop that you might enjoy.

Joanna Angel 19:47
Yeah, right. So there's just a lot of different paths, but it's about a girl that works at a porn store. So you know, there's different people that come in, and you can find us she has her own little adventure with different people. The Adventures have more adventures. I have to write another one. So yeah I You said you're a writer. I don't know if you've written a book but it's it's very hard. It's a lot.

Yvette d'Entremont 20:08
Yeah, I've done the work of writing a book and we're still working on it but yeah, I feel you there's there's a ton of like heart and effort and research to make sure that the thing is cohesive. You have to go a little bit crazy. Yeah. And you need to make sure that your voice is consistent throughout. So there's, there's a lot that goes into it more like Normally I'm an essayist. But the book is a different beast. You're writing fiction. I think a lot of what people run into is you have to make sure every character's voice is very different because essentially you are everybody's voice but yeah, make every character sound the same. Getting characters out of your head and forgetting you into there's got to be them. Yeah, you really have it's a mindfuck to stop being you and your writing.

Joanna Angel 20:50
I have to write another one. I'm supposed to be done with one by like January so I should probably start one of these.

Alice Vaughn 20:57
I never even considered that that you have to Think as if you're different people if you're writing

Joanna Angel 21:03
Yeah. Okay. I think you know, I think I think everybody should do it. You know, we live in LA. Everybody here so like, has a personality disorder? Yeah, like narcissistic. Yeah. Myself included. Now you know, you become a little bit like, you know, you get some notoriety like you start Oh yeah, you're like this weird character of yourself all the time and like I think writing fiction is a very good exercise for people because you literally have to step outside yourself. And like to be someone else, you know, you can make alternative versions

Yvette d'Entremont 21:40
of yourself and get some other voices of I don't want to say their voices in my head, but you can get the other thoughts you've had that you can't voice as you Yeah, through another character or thoughts that you don't agree with. And you can have those fights outside externally.

Alice Vaughn 21:57
Yeah, everyone has them. I mean, I feel with myself multiple times in cars and showers, I've won so many arguments. Those are my places.

Yvette d'Entremont 22:06
Yeah, the shower is a great place to have it out with yourself.

Alice Vaughn 22:09
Yes, it really is. or to recap on debates you could have won,

Yvette d'Entremont 22:14
or that you're gonna win later today that you know, are never gonna happen. This is why I'm right. Somehow seeing the person that you're that you were totally going to have a huge argument with. They never happened. No, I'd like the volume level of it goes down by about 12 notches.

Alice Vaughn 22:31
Yeah. Or you see a popular tweet and you get so angry but you don't know how to respond online. So just argue about it in the shower. I'm sorry, Ben Shapiro. We have debated multiple times.

Yvette d'Entremont 22:41
Yeah. Ben Shapiro is a sad little man.

Joanna Angel 22:44
I know I'm not one of those people that I don't I don't like to fight with people. On Twitter I do is different. It gives me anxiety. I don't like it. But so like when I see something I don't agree with I have to like, tell someone. You're like, I don't know.

But I won't say on Twitter it

Yvette d'Entremont 23:02
depends on the group that's being douchey on Twitter if I'm going to engage or not, like if I know engaging with this person will get their little army of sad people on my case, then I'm like and not worth my time, right?

Unknown Speaker 23:15
If it's gonna

Yvette d'Entremont 23:15
get me new followers, I'll admit I'm like, trolling for new people to come and listen to the podcast and read my writing. That's, that's good. I admire that. You know, I can't get it. You're passionate. Ben Shapiro is fine.

Joanna Angel 23:28
One day, if I were retiring from life, I'm just gonna respond to everyone

I ever wanted to stay when I like and then delete.

Yvette d'Entremont 23:40
I am a firm believer in deleting Twitter history. That's further back than a year.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
Oh, okay.

Yvette d'Entremont 23:46
That makes sense. Like why? Yeah, because your Twitter has three this longer than a year old really isn't relevant. I think that everyone has like tweets that are within a conversation where you're just like, fuck you delete your account that a year later look stupid and in the moment were completely fine and were completely in the tone. And I think that's a pretty normal thing to do is like a lot of people go back and delete tweets that are longer than a year old.

Unknown Speaker 24:11
That's a good idea.

Yvette d'Entremont 24:13
I don't do it on my Facebook page, but Twitter Yeah, like those are just a lot of those are 140 characters shits, like,

Joanna Angel 24:19
I like Instagram. I think it's a more friendly place. Yes, you know, you can post cool photos of food and dogs and look at the good looking people. And you can just write like, a witty little caption and like, you know, there's less like, it's this oasis of non douchey Enos. Yeah, yeah, I've learned things. I've learned recipes and workout routines and like things that are useful rather than better

Yvette d'Entremont 24:48
for makeup stuff.

Joanna Angel 24:50
Yeah, makeup stuff. It's really good for that. And it's

Yvette d'Entremont 24:53
like it's it's slightly less gossipy than the YouTube makeup.

Joanna Angel 24:56
Totally. Yeah. And it's just a happier friendlier place. I tried to kick off porn stars all the time, but others Yeah.

Alice Vaughn 25:04
Have you had any issues with that?

Joanna Angel 25:06
I haven't a

Alice Vaughn 25:08
knock on everything knocking out so much wood. I'm knocking on everything. I'll

Joanna Angel 25:12
knock on some dicks. I'm very, very, very careful. You know, so I should probably be even more careful than I am. But it's hard. It's like, I gotta promote my stuff. And my stuff is hard. But I try to be very careful, tasteful

Yvette d'Entremont 25:25
or quote, tasteful in the pictures that are posted to promote it.

Alice Vaughn 25:28
Well, we've also had conversations with multiple people on the show. I forgot who mentioned it, but Oh, Lance Hart, who mentioned Yeah, how different are Fitzpatrick people from porn stars? I mean, come

Unknown Speaker 25:40
on, in terms of what they're posting not. Not

Alice Vaughn 25:44
much. Yeah, no,

Joanna Angel 25:46
I could say the difference which I know I know the porn star argument for it. And, well, the differences that most of us porn stars are promoting our porn. So yes. From what I understand, because I've actually like Talk to people at Instagram about it. You know, porn people like aren't getting deleted for the amount of nudity. They are getting deleted because they're promoting porn. So the difference people do say like, oh, like this fitness model, she's showing her nipples. Why can't I show my nipples? It's like, because when you show your nipples, you're saying, watch my new scene on so and so's calm and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. But the fitness person is not saying that they're like posting a fitness routine. They're just saying to buy their diet tea instead. Instagram is actually banning all accounts that promote flat tummy tea. No. Oh.

Nice. Yeah, they're starting to crack down on stuff like good,

Yvette d'Entremont 26:44
cuz flat tummy tea is bullshit.

Joanna Angel 26:48
It's a tough thing, you know, because we're all using it to promote our business. And it's a very gray area of whether we're allowed to promote our business or not, you know, I have read it. If you're Promoting a website where the homepage has a, like a splash page, like, are you over 18? Then Okay, there. So that is the difference, unfortunately, and I know a lot of porn people say it and they're like, oh, why can't this person and why does this person get to wear a thong? And I don't? It's like, well, because you're promoting porn. And that's technically against the rules. So you have to be like, like, what kind of criminals? I don't know. Like, if you're a criminal, you gotta pay your taxes on time, or else you know what I mean?

Alice Vaughn 27:30
It's like, you have to be more careful when you're doing, you're already violating things in the first place. And I completely get it because listeners of the show know that I own a brand called offensive crayons, and I was banned from Amazon. And sometimes people freak out about, hey, why were you banned from Amazon? And why am I not you know, banging down doors and drums and because at the same time, I also believe that platforms have a right to be asked what kind of content they do allow and don't allow I think for me it's what I care about are what rules are they setting down and then how are they you know, applying those rules to different people you know exactly

Yvette d'Entremont 28:11
I think they applied the rule in a silly way to you but at the same time, your product is called offensive crayons.

Joanna Angel 28:17
You wanted to offend people.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Yeah, it works. You offended white people and children

Alice Vaughn 28:22
tactically, Caucasians, Caucasians what

Joanna Angel 28:26
was so offensive about the crayons, the crayons they have colors

Alice Vaughn 28:29
like boner pill blue and miscarriage Maroon but I mean, one of the things that I wrote about children was in my marketing ad for Amazon when I had it up I basically said I can guarantee that these weren't made with slave labor. Okay, look, I'm saying is they're, they're tiny fingers in China are just very good for when you're eight years old. I'm just putting on the crown labels. Okay? No, it's done by a machine. So it wasn't actually done by children, but I was being very tongue in cheek There's plenty of colors that are a lot worse within the set, but I make fun of everyone. There's a white color called privilege. There's Oh, that's funny. The black one is called Lives Matter.

Yvette d'Entremont 29:12

Joanna Angel 29:13
that's cute. Well, I'm sure there's a place for those crayons somewhere. You can sell them on your Instagram. I maybe

Yvette d'Entremont 29:23
they do pretty well from just going viral from time to time.

Alice Vaughn 29:26
Oh, really? Yeah. And actually so and I'll plug it really quick on this podcast. So if you're listening to this episode, so I have a contest right now for new porn sex pack, where if you go on to the website offensive Krantz calm you go to the color name, submit a color name section. If I choose your color name between now and September 1, are they sold anywhere?

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Yeah, well.

Alice Vaughn 29:53
They know they totally are. They're sold and plenty of gift stores. I actually just signed a licensing deal with the same company that does distribution for Hasbro and Mattel. Oh, geez. Okay, see

Yvette d'Entremont 30:05
your Barbie doll?

Joanna Angel 30:07
You don't need Amazon. Oh.

Alice Vaughn 30:10
Well, I'll get back on I will fight them. Oh yeah. or someone's lawyers will fight them. But my point is this if you think you have an offensive color name submitted because if I choose your name for the porn sex pack then you could possibly be the proud owner of $500 in gain the crayon name into the set so offensive Krantz calm

Yvette d'Entremont 30:32
Okay, I'm gonna submit some there are kind of not rules but guidelines. What makes a good color name? Don't send us a color name. That's just the N word because it's offensive. That's not clever or funny. Yep.

Joanna Angel 30:45
If you're going to have open submissions, not funny people are going to come in. Not pick them.

Yvette d'Entremont 30:51
Yep, we're just saying there are guidelines. You can do it. We trust you.

Alice Vaughn 30:55
I've had so many people already Submit. Boo cocky. Why'd come stain Why? Red Rocket like you guys we you know

Yvette d'Entremont 31:02
what we do for a living right like we thought of those yeah right go existential with this.

Joanna Angel 31:08
What's blue khaki white like I get it I get it like there's a lot like I get there's a lot of come in a blue khaki and becomes white but that's like a far stretch man. So you know, like,

Yvette d'Entremont 31:20
like for gray or green, we're probably gonna go with the guilt you feel from getting off a little too hard to tentacle porn,

Alice Vaughn 31:28
something like that.

Joanna Angel 31:30
That's gonna be really long. This needs to be a long ass crayon.

Yvette d'Entremont 31:33
Figure it out. We do multiple lines.

Alice Vaughn 31:35
I know. For one of the greens My heart is set on the money that porn stars don't get from clip sites. Something like that.

Unknown Speaker 31:43
I don't know.

Alice Vaughn 31:44
You know, I have to just reiterate people should pay for their porn at some point your

Yvette d'Entremont 31:49
porn. Pay for your porn. It's whispered into the wind ASMR notification to pay for your board.

Alice Vaughn 31:57
Guys. I know you haven't written comments. And it shows. I also know I show offense. No offense guys, we're just saying some people do some sense actually from the

Yvette d'Entremont 32:11
given that it's offensive crayons, so don't do it.

Alice Vaughn 32:13
The worst part was on the first day of the contest. Do you guys understand how many entries I got? How many Take a guess? 700. More. So on it is 1200 around 1200 entries the first day.

Yvette d'Entremont 32:28
Were there any good ones?

Alice Vaughn 32:30
There were maybe like three good ones. That's fine. I would I would expect that

Yvette d'Entremont 32:35
that's a bad person. That's not bad. The percentage is pretty bad. You're putting

Joanna Angel 32:41
the creative choice in other people's hands. It's true, but the

Yvette d'Entremont 32:45
suggestion we're throwing out is look at the color names for all the other packs that are out and look at the rules and just don't send us period blood red man, that's not a good name. No, it's not. I guess

Joanna Angel 32:56
you should have a list of all the all the reject names.

Alice Vaughn 32:59
What I think about We're gonna do is write an email to all of my people on my mailing list of all the reject names or I'm going to post that somewhere where these were the worst of the worst. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 33:09
I think that'd be funny. Yeah, do the worst ones.

Alice Vaughn 33:13
Why not? I mean, there's so many I keep getting over and over. I feel like I should at least come out with maybe a top 20 or top 10.

Unknown Speaker 33:22
Or so bad. Not gonna be funny.

Yvette d'Entremont 33:25
This is exactly what we're not looking for. We'll get you know, closer to $500. But

Alice Vaughn 33:33
you've also written plenty of comedy.

Joanna Angel 33:35
Yes. Lots and lots of it.

Alice Vaughn 33:37
I have to say event and I reviewed the Walking Dead porn that you shot. Oh, thank you. We preferred it over the actual version of the walk. Yeah, I don't like The

Yvette d'Entremont 33:48
Walking Dead and I loved the Walking Dead port. It was amazing.

Joanna Angel 33:52
Thank you very much. Yeah. Tommy pistol has a lot to do

Unknown Speaker 33:55
with that one. We've never seen a thing with him that we didn't like.

Joanna Angel 33:58
Yeah, Tommy's amazing. A very special person.

Alice Vaughn 34:02
And I remember actually the first time we had Tommy on our show, he mentioned that you helped him get into porn. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:08
I mean, I got him into porn.

Yvette d'Entremont 34:12
I said, Well,

Joanna Angel 34:12
we got into porn. Yeah, we got into porn together.

Unknown Speaker 34:16
Oh, yeah.

Joanna Angel 34:18
Like my porno brother. And

Alice Vaughn 34:19
he was telling us about fucking on a rooftop.

Joanna Angel 34:21
It was my first scene and his first scene.

Alice Vaughn 34:24
Wait, it was your first scene as well?

Yvette d'Entremont 34:26
Yeah, it's like the genesis

Joanna Angel 34:28
of I don't know anybody else who that's happened to because that's like the Adam and Eve of the Sarah just

Yvette d'Entremont 34:34
right to life.

Joanna Angel 34:36
Oh, yeah, we are. We're like, oh my god.

Yvette d'Entremont 34:40
In the beginning. It's like the Alpha and Omega came into being on this one day and no one knew this was the penis and vagina that we're gonna put right there. Sure. Oh, wow. All right. Yeah, I'm gonna stop being shocked by that. I'm just I just I just want to sit back and apply. I want to find that video now. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 34:57
it's in 2004 2000 I've donated our first scene. Yeah, it's so cool.

Alice Vaughn 35:03
I'm just personally disappointed that New York doesn't have a bigger porn scene. Because I know you and Tommy are from New York.

Joanna Angel 35:10
Yeah. And we did it in New York for a really long time. And then it was time to go, you know, I made porn in New York for a while. And then I was really sad when I had to leave. I tried to make it work, you know? But it's like, it makes sense. You know, and I was so I'm never moving to LA I'm never moving to LA LA is wonderful. And

Yvette d'Entremont 35:29
I will vouch for LA every time. I'm just saying the weed is legal here. And you it's like, it's like New York, but you can breathe.

Joanna Angel 35:39
I don't like breathing. So.

Alice Vaughn 35:42
Thank you. It's overrated.

Yvette d'Entremont 35:44
Look, I like breathing intermittently, a little blood choking is fine.

Joanna Angel 35:47
I mean, I've lived here I've lived in LA for, I don't know, 1012 years now. So I can't even say New York is home anymore. But New York is always going to be home to me. Yeah. You know, you

Yvette d'Entremont 35:57
have your spot in the universe that you're drawn to magnetically drawn to Yeah,

Joanna Angel 36:01
but it kind of makes sense you know the porn shot here like first everything in New York is very small you know and like for filming anything not just filming a porn you need a big yeah it's

like film people fucking cramped in like a

Alice Vaughn 36:18
walking apartment yeah and also

Joanna Angel 36:21
just the weather you know oh yeah there's like eight days of nice weather in New York and you know you need any outdoors you do there girls walking outside, you know girls doing stripteases by swimming pool and I mean just filming anything is kind of more convenient.

Yvette d'Entremont 36:39
It's almost guaranteed good weather here. You know as long as Burbank isn't on fire, you'll be fine. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 36:45
and even if it is, there's plenty of other places to shoot it you know. I mean, I did I remember when all the fires were going on, I had to remove shoots it took, I don't know. 15 minutes.

Yvette d'Entremont 36:55
The burping fires two years ago. I literally moved the day before that happened. I was like packed the car got to San Francisco. And the next day everything was on fire. And then I was basically camped out for one month at one house in the move to the place. I was going to be living a little bit further north near Napa. Those fires were eight miles away. I was like, ah, just the last few years has been everything burned. Yeah. All of our guests live in a bunker in New Mexico. where we live.

Joanna Angel 37:21
Yeah. But um, you know, it just makes more sense for part to be shot in LA but there's a lot of like fetish stuff in New York. And there's I guess like, I think one company that still shoots in New York,

Alice Vaughn 37:34
I mean, there's only so many ways to make a park a sexy Hey, just be more imaginative

Joanna Angel 37:39
there. I mean, there's nowhere you can find like, I remember when we used to shoot and a lot of places like is very few places you can find anywhere that's quiet. Like

you know, just things you need

Alice Vaughn 37:51
and outside la like I'm just saying I've never shot or directed anything. So now I have to bear in mind, you know? Walking into different apartments oh wait this is horrible for filming

Joanna Angel 38:03
yeah very difficult to film stuff when there's loud car noises passing every five seconds you know like the ambulance very common thing on a film set where the sound guy will be like hold for sound hold for sound like it's just like in New York. There's so many sounds. Barry Are you can't hold for southern New York you'll never record anything are some stupid I mean, obviously people film things in New York. I have like, been to like little shoots in New York, filming TV shows and stuff, you know, and they're in studios with the studios are very embarrassing, very expensive. And in LA, I think because there's just so many people shooting porn, you know? Just make sense.

Alice Vaughn 38:41
Okay, so now that you've sold your company, what are you excited about doing nowadays? So are you writing directing, shooting more? What are you doing? action figure?

Joanna Angel 38:51
Yeah, I'm still writing. I'm still.

Alice Vaughn 38:54
I'm just I mean, I'm directing actually. More than ever, you know, we didn't you win. This past year like best seen at the AV ns one a bunch of things

Unknown Speaker 39:06
you're like, thanks for like not to brag, but

Yvette d'Entremont 39:09
I'm on top of everything.

Alice Vaughn 39:10
Yeah, actually, Alice you're kind of forgetting like the 16 different awards but Okay,

Yvette d'Entremont 39:15
tell us tell us

Joanna Angel 39:16
well this year or other years or which award show or I

Unknown Speaker 39:19
don't know

Yvette d'Entremont 39:20
which one are you proud of? So I was just referring to a VMs

Joanna Angel 39:23
this past year and a vn I won for Best Supporting Actress actually.

Oh, in which film in a trailer park taboo,

Yvette d'Entremont 39:33
we're gonna have to review it then.

Joanna Angel 39:35
It's not a very happy movie. It's a sad movie. It's actually the first drama I wrote in porn,

Alice Vaughn 39:41
but we haven't watched any dramas yet. So trailer

Yvette d'Entremont 39:44
park taboo, we're watching it.

Joanna Angel 39:46
Yeah. So that was the first drama I directed and it was nominated for a lot of awards, but the only one at one was the supporting actors but for me, in the in the best supporting actress role of the nice college girl. You know, it's very sad story. It's like Eight Mile, but

Alice Vaughn 40:01
Oh, it's Eight Mile but with porn I like that. Yeah.

putting it on the docket. Yes. We only have about 1000 films on the docket but

Yvette d'Entremont 40:12
yes, it means we're going to be in business for a good long time. Yeah, I'm waiting for us to be like in our in our late 70s and still doing this podcast. You never know if podcasts and the internet and civilization are still a thing.

Alice Vaughn 40:27
We'll be the Dr. Ruth, Ruth of Paul and the revealing.

Yvette d'Entremont 40:32
stucco. I'm not even going to try to do the accent today. I'm not sorry, is Dr. Lewis ignite, I have the Jewish Nish but not the Russian this. I can't do them together.

Joanna Angel 40:44
You know, he go on burning Angel because we have lots of movies that you can review.

Yvette d'Entremont 40:50
What's your favorite work you've done that you've been involved with in any way? Ah, I don't know.

Alice Vaughn 40:54
What's your least favorite work? How about that

memorable I mean

Joanna Angel 41:00
Every time I make a new movies, I always like my new ones better than my old ones. You know, I think everybody

Yvette d'Entremont 41:06
that happens with me and my writing to myself.

Joanna Angel 41:09
Yeah, and Well, last year in in just in December, I made a movie called Insomniac. That's that's probably my favorite one. So it's thriller. And then I guess Okay, I guess I have two of my favorite ones of all time and one which did win for Best Comedy a couple years ago. And it was called choose love black cock. And it's my favorite very specific as a as a Jew. I approve of this. Yeah, well, you should have watched that movie is very important movie and Jewish cinema.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
L'chaim. I'll watch it okay. A lot

Joanna Angel 41:47
of people think it's funny because I get it. The title is funny, but like the movie is legitimately funny. Like, it's not just like, we have to watch this though. You know, I get it. The title you laugh at because it's important. Title Oh

Yvette d'Entremont 42:00
no, I think it's amazing and I want to see it for so many reasons.

Joanna Angel 42:04
A movie you will laugh with, I promise it's very funny I worked very very hard on it and I actually had before I filmed it I had a good friend of mine who's like a comedian. Look over some of it and they were like in tears. We have

Yvette d'Entremont 42:18
to review this and I feel like we have to get a black friend on to review it with us. So we have a Jewish friend a black friend and our most arion person we know

Joanna Angel 42:27
Yeah, never met a black person or a Jewish person that didn't like the movie The only people that were offended by it were

Unknown Speaker 42:33
the goyim yeah white people that

Joanna Angel 42:35
weren't either

Alice Vaughn 42:36
let's find a rabbi if your Rabbi email us info to girls on mic calm

Yvette d'Entremont 42:40
let's get our friend BJ Kramer on he is the CJ is a former has said but like he like escaped and we have Tales from him. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 42:51
there's some Hasidic people in my family

Yvette d'Entremont 42:53
as I like to say I'm Jewish. Yeah, that's a little bit. Mine is guilt and lock cuz that's basically my Religion

Joanna Angel 43:00
Yeah, I would highly recommend watching it. It's very funny joke a Black Hawk. And then also there was another movie that was one of my favorites and it's called metal massage. And it's about two metal heads that run a massage parlor. And I really love it. It's very funny.

Alice Vaughn 43:15
This is gonna sound very silly, but what is a metal head per se? I mean, you just got to see the movie. Find out. I was just wow, like really into metal music.

Joanna Angel 43:26
I mean, they're like two dudes with big hair and they you know, and then they kind of like the typical massages they do like like they had an air guitar special in the massage parlor, where the misuse just plays air guitar and the girl this girl massages herself. I'm picturing some singing

Unknown Speaker 43:48
in the middle of the massage. We don't have the license to do that, but Oh, yeah,

Joanna Angel 43:54
but it's it's really funny. I really love that one too. We had like a lot of fun making that one.

Alice Vaughn 43:59
Yeah. I can imagine though, where licenses come into an issue where you want to maybe, you know, pull in a song, but then you can't play it because you don't have the rights to it

Joanna Angel 44:11
in any song at all. I actually have a lot of when burning Angel first started, I used some, like rancid songs and bouncing soul songs and stuff in some of my earlier movies, because I did I had like good friends that were friends of the man and you know, and

Alice Vaughn 44:25
it was awesome, but that is very rare. Yeah, nowadays you get pulled with a DMCA like this, right? Well,

Joanna Angel 44:32
yeah. Okay, I put a song in any movie unless you have permission. I mean, that would be insane. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:38

Alice Vaughn 44:40
I mean, I also recorded like a little bit of the AV ends, and I had like the trail end of I think, some cardi B and they're like, No, you can't. And I didn't realize the things you

Unknown Speaker 44:53

Yvette d'Entremont 44:54
They're out to find it you realize

Joanna Angel 44:55
why all porn looks the way it does. You know, like When you can't use logos and you can't use songs and you can't you know, you realize like how much

Alice Vaughn 45:07
you can't use logos so a lot of clothing Do you have to not use stuff that ever has logos on it can't use stuff that ever has load. Wow.

Joanna Angel 45:13
I mean, you can't do that in a regular movie either. But they get permit.

Alice Vaughn 45:17
I didn't realize that

Joanna Angel 45:19
you can you know how many times I've had to black out like the Nike logo on sneakers because it's always like, you're doing doggy you always see the guy shoes always there's always like,

Yvette d'Entremont 45:27
Oh, that's true. One of my friends they were filming a reality show in his house and they had to take like black electrical tape and put it over every like a Maytag label on the refrigerator label over that when I use

Joanna Angel 45:38
it in my house. I used to live in a shoot house. And yeah, everything. Everything in the house was black tape everywhere. It felt like sorry. Yeah, because apparently otherwise it's advertising. Yeah. I mean, you can't even have paintings hung up that you'd unless it's like public domain stuff. You know? What? Yeah, somebody's painting.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
That's a good thing. point

Joanna Angel 46:00
though. That is, yeah, that's why when you see most porn, it's like in a very generic looking house with very ugly artwork on the wall. That's like, oh, here's this painting. That's like a weird red splotch.

Yvette d'Entremont 46:14
Whatever, like you were allowed. Exactly. You have to buy the most. Hey, it's not a Rothko, but it looks like it

Alice Vaughn 46:22
so it'll work. There needs to be a Rembrandt for porn is true.

Joanna Angel 46:26
They probably make good money if there was like a store in LA that just sold like a bunch of non trademarked everything that you could use for movie, you know, just like the black or after. Yeah,

Yvette d'Entremont 46:37
it's not a Rothko or Pollock, but I smeared stuff on a painting and it looks exactly the fuck like it. Here

Joanna Angel 46:42
you go. Yeah,

Alice Vaughn 46:44
no, it's true. So business idea number 1057. I think this is paintings for porn stars. Yeah, well, just in general for movies. You know, filming. Yeah.

Joanna Angel 46:56
Unless you're like a, you know, big production company and you can do that. real stuff.

Alice Vaughn 47:00
And if you're a big production company who's somehow listening to the show, contact us.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Or somebody who just paints like paintings for use on set paintings to fuck in front of

Joanna Angel 47:15
what we really need is just a very mediocre artists to contact us.

Yvette d'Entremont 47:22
I'm just picturing now like a Karen at an Ikea like choosing one of those really bad mass produced prints going. Yeah, that's good for the bedroom. I could fuck in front of that. Yeah,

Alice Vaughn 47:32
yeah, I could do anal in front of it.

Joanna Angel 47:34
I mean, these are things that you have to think of when you're a producer.

Alice Vaughn 47:39
I've never even considered that where you have to look at an art piece and think if it's gonna go well with your anal scene, or if it's allowed, or

Joanna Angel 47:46
not allowed, I think I think it would look great if I was having anal sex in front of like a cool photo of Iggy Pop, but that's just not allowed.

Alice Vaughn 47:57
We can't have any Jackson Pollock's in here.

Joanna Angel 47:59
It's going to just be a plain white wall or maybe some modern art piece that

Yvette d'Entremont 48:04
maybe if you are personally listening to this and you think it's okay to use your image in pornography contact us info to girls one Mike because we want people to bang with your image

Joanna Angel 48:14
he deserves more than that

Yvette d'Entremont 48:16
look I'm just saying we want to see Danny DeVito porn and we're being denied

Alice Vaughn 48:21
statistical likelihood if you're a gay pups asst

Joanna Angel 48:26
that's not gonna happen, guys.

Yvette d'Entremont 48:28
No, look, weirder shit has happened on this show. I'm just saying. All right.

Joanna Angel 48:33
What's exciting in your life? porn non porn. Yeah, I don't know. I've been directing. This year. It's been pretty exciting because I felt like I did the same thing in porn for a very, very long time. Being in my own company, and I've been able to branch out and do new things. Oh, look, I had this hair. I'll show it mbn magazine did like a very big story on me and put me on the air

Alice Vaughn 48:58
was pretty amazing. screenshots of this and putting it to our Patreon because this is awesome and you

Joanna Angel 49:05
killer in that thank you thank you very much wow vampire

Alice Vaughn 49:12
I want to know where you got that one piece even how can we describe this one piece to our audience?

Joanna Angel 49:17
You know plain black simple one piece Lacey. I think I got it on Amazon the place you are banned from Ha ha ha.

Alice Vaughn 49:27
Well, they take a lot of my money. I'm a banker, but not from buying shit that's like every other day.

Yvette d'Entremont 49:35
Oh, Amazon,

Alice Vaughn 49:36
Jeff Bezos call me. I want my own $50 billion. And your

Unknown Speaker 49:42
ex wife. He is looking for a new one. Sorry, dating.

Yvette d'Entremont 49:47
My dog needs to announce that a leaf blue somewhere in the neighborhood. That's a problem. The leafs

Joanna Angel 49:53
should have consulted with him first,

Yvette d'Entremont 49:55
buddy. Thank you for alerting me. I don't know what I would have done without you. He's very cute. Very A tiny little thing. Oh, dear. I have I likewise had the foofy la dog. Yeah,

Joanna Angel 50:06
yeah, good. Two little furballs

Alice Vaughn 50:08
you know, I feel like I'm the only person whenever we're recording who doesn't have an animal at this point? this time next year, I want a dog.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
Yeah. And a dog. You're going to be all grown up and you're going to have yourself to

Joanna Angel 50:21
have one at this time next week, actually. Yeah.

Yvette d'Entremont 50:25
Like, the way getting buddy was I was at this festival and the animal shelter was there like saying here are dogs and I was like, I think I want that dog and I went home and considered it and drove 50 miles the next day back to get that dog. So you can literally get a dog tomorrow.

Alice Vaughn 50:43
However, I might be in a situation to get a clone. And this is going to sound really crazy, but let me explain. So what am i friends may or may not be conducting an interview for my friends company and in return This company. She comes from a science background. She used to work in labs. And she has this adorable like little black poodle called Mr. Gibbs. Which anyone who ever sees this toy poodle, they just want to keep him because he's a stuffed animal. But this company specializes in cloning animals. Of course, it's ridiculous. It's like an arm leg. It's like 50 grand to set up the clone. Yeah, I feel like I've heard about that before. I'm one of those like, the ridiculous things rich and famous people do or something. Yeah, like Barbra Streisand has like, 13 of them. Who knows? Right, right. Yeah. But there is a good chance that if you know she goes through the interview, she could get a clone of this little dog and I want to clone and also just to say I have a clone of something is just cool. And insane. So look, I know I'm definitely gonna get like a rescue dog. But I mean, if you can

Yvette d'Entremont 51:54
get it for free, then it's

Joanna Angel 51:56
free phone dog. Like don't pass that up.

Yvette d'Entremont 51:58
Yeah. do that if it's free, but at the same time if you sit there and hold out for years, well, it's still not happening.

Joanna Angel 52:05
Just go to the shelter and get a dog and then I hold out

Unknown Speaker 52:08
shelters a backup,

Yvette d'Entremont 52:10
there are adorable loving, sweet dogs that will lick your face until you are crying with happiness that are sitting at a shelter right now why and they're great for their mother. I'm saying this to everyone in the audience who's considering getting a dog get a dog that will make you so much happier. Both

Joanna Angel 52:26
of my dogs are shelter dogs and seem like every dog owner, I sincerely believe that my dogs are cuter than anybody else's.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
And you're right.

Yvette d'Entremont 52:37
Here's my little foof Oh, he's cute, but useless. Yeah, no, my dogs aren't. He's a good lap dog. Why would you want

Alice Vaughn 52:46
a smart dog? Exactly. I don't want I don't want a dog that can outsmart me. Yeah, exactly. I want a smart dog. I'm sorry, am I the only one. I

Yvette d'Entremont 52:56
know last dog was smart, but she was kind of a sociopath.

Joanna Angel 53:00
My dogs just understand sleeping and eating and snuggling. Very basic, basic things.

Yvette d'Entremont 53:07
I wish buddy were a little smarter. Like, he has never once caught a treat that I've thrown for him. He is a broken little animal. Yeah, he's very sweet. He's a little creature of habit. He sleeps under the covers on my feet. And he's just he's so cute. But he is useless. And I'm aware of this. That's

Joanna Angel 53:25
good. Yeah.

Yvette d'Entremont 53:26
But it's like, I know what he is. He's a lover no

Joanna Angel 53:29
matter Yeah, just sit on your lap and have have a good time.

Yvette d'Entremont 53:33
That's what I got with him.

Alice Vaughn 53:34
So obviously, a lot of our audience already knows you and where to find your stuff or burning Angel stuff. But for those who want to see more of you, where can our audience find you? Well just go to burning

Joanna Angel 53:45
You can find me on Twitter. And you can find me on Instagram just at Joanna Angel. Both of my accounts are verified. And actually you can search me on Pornhub you can find my stuff there.

Yvette d'Entremont 54:00
For saying is Joanna is Omniscient and Omnipresent, omnipotent

Joanna Angel 54:05
it's very easy to find me there's no excuse

Yvette d'Entremont 54:08
you Anna is the she is the goddess of the porn universe you can find her everywhere. Thank you she is all of us we get a

Joanna Angel 54:15
boner. I'm there somewhere.

Alice Vaughn 54:17
You heard it. You felt the Boehner I feel it. Everything felt

Yvette d'Entremont 54:22
real. Yeah, she is the essence of it. Yeah.

Alice Vaughn 54:27
Can you imagine if God could feel boners I hope God is a Boehner. He got his I mean, he.

Joanna Angel 54:34
Big Boehner

Yvette d'Entremont 54:36
get to heaven and just God is one giant hairy testicle sack. So speaking of testicle sacks, so we have some

Alice Vaughn 54:45
we have some Patreon, who are going to get some additional content from this episode to think this week. And this week, we want to thank Kelly Frazier, Sonia Eau Claire Kevin bounty, Steven Jones, Dale stringham, Mike sorbets. Debbie rain right Dionysus Eris night Falco hi thing. Graham Smallwood, Richard Horrell Teresa SEL and many many more and if you also want to become a Patreon just join us slash two girls on mic or just go to two girls for Mike comm where you could find our Facebook or Twitter and all things that we do and for more content from this episode, but of course you can find event and I separately bouncing around and if at work in our audience find you over at the cyber on Twitter and

Yvette d'Entremont 55:31
Instagram and on Facebook. I'm at slash cyber where you can find me serving up science and the heaping dose of dick jokes and snark Alice,

Alice Vaughn 55:40
where can people find you? Oh, you can just find me at my respective Twitter at rational blonde. But, guys, we'll see you next week. Thanks for tuning in.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
Bye bye. Bye.

Alice Vaughn 55:54
Kelly Frasier, Sanyo, Claire,

Kevin bounty, Steven Jones, Dalston, I'm Mike sorbetto Debbie rain right. Dionysus Eris night. Falco. Hi, Graham Smallwood, Richard Horrell, Teresa, Sal and many, many more

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