July 3, 2019

#44- I'll Be In My Bunk

Alice & Yvette are joined this week with Vice President of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) & pornstar Riley Reyes ()! The threesome nerd out and get weird with porn horcruxes, consent culture in porn, ethical porn,...

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Alice & Yvette are joined this week with Vice President of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) & pornstar Riley Reyes (RileyReyXXX)! The threesome nerd out and get weird with porn horcruxes, consent culture in porn, ethical porn, clown orgies, bad sex advice, alternative sex toy stores, and a squirrel eating a taco shell in a tree. 

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Yvette d'Entremont 0:02
We're committed to your pleasure here at the porn cast and that means we won't promote anything that isn't Alice tested any better

Unknown Speaker 0:08
approved and this one is definitely tested

Unknown Speaker 0:10
several times over. Yeah, there was suction and fluffing and thermometers

Alice Vaughn 0:15
and the tea bags. You mean teabagging?

Yvette d'Entremont 0:19
No, I got something in my eye and use teabags to get the swelling to go down. What did you get in your eye?

Unknown Speaker 0:25
My husband's calls it It took a fucking village,

Yvette d'Entremont 0:28
a literal fucking village

Alice Vaughn 0:30
and well worth it because thanks to clone a Willie we've now cloned body parts on ourselves and willing volunteers

Yvette d'Entremont 0:36
and we can even make them buzz.

Alice Vaughn 0:39
No policies or cops were harmed in the making of this partnership

Unknown Speaker 0:42
we live in amazing times. Now where can our listeners check this out Alice

Alice Vaughn 0:46
to clone it and bowknot go to Kelowna Willie calm and type in promo code tg o m 20 to get 20% off your first purchase.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:01
This is two girls. One Mike, the show that talks about the holes and plotholes of your favorite porn.

Welcome to Two girls one Mike the porn cast where the orgasms are made up and the plot doesn't matter. I'm your co host Yvette Dr. Mon here is my lovely by vivacious rambunctious, hysterical. And did I mention she has a nice butt co host Alice Vaughn Ellis, how the fuck are you doing today?

Alice Vaughn 1:25
I am so disappointed in you. The plot doesn't matter. I'm sorry. You know,

Yvette d'Entremont 1:29
it doesn't. But that's why we can make fun of it. And it can still be a fantastic porn that gets you off.

Alice Vaughn 1:35
I feel like I don't know you anymore.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:39
Well, I mean, that was part of the premise of the podcast before we started doing this was you know, you can make fun of the science in a sci fi movie and you too bad you still get out of that movie, what you went in there for? And it's kind of same thing with a porn, or at least it used to be before we really started doing this podcast and now I'm like, No, I want the pot to be good.

Alice Vaughn 1:56
I mean, the problem is now that if the pot sucks, I can't get out. Yeah,

Yvette d'Entremont 2:00
it's really sad now I'm like, really? Your entire plot was just step mother thinks step daughter's boyfriend is hot. Like that's your entire plot. Come on.

Alice Vaughn 2:10
Really? This is a fake cab you okay? You don't have Venmo you don't have PayPal. There is no other way we can pay for this transaction except tips. This is the only way

Yvette d'Entremont 2:20
to be fair. I've had some really dark times in New York, but that was before Venmo so I don't believe any of it now. So Riley What do you think? And actually, guys, we have a guest on the show today. We have a three way scissoring today, guys, it's gonna be very hot. I'm so excited. That sounds very complicated. You know, six legs shit can happen.

Alice Vaughn 2:40
Am I that flexible? Is the question. So we have on the show, performer and advocate vice president of APAC, the adult performer advocacy committee, Riley raise Riley, welcome

Riley Reyes 2:52
to the show. Thank you. I'm excited to be here.

Yvette d'Entremont 2:54
We're very happy to have you on with us.

Unknown Speaker 2:56
So question, is there a way to pay for it? taxicab other than money in tickets

Riley Reyes 3:02
other than money and tickets. I don't think so.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
There's so many other body parts

Riley Reyes 3:06
I feel like it's just money or sex. I guess you could give someone drugs or food depending on their motivation but probably not like a real cab probably just like some guy you know,

Yvette d'Entremont 3:18
feel like most regular cabs are going to be like now I want to cash Yeah, I feel like there are some that be like no my as much as I would love you to suck my dick like my boss is gonna kill me if I don't come back with this ride paid for. Who knows. I've also never had to, you know fuck a pizza delivery boy. But you know, then again, my husband used to be a pizza delivery boy. So you could say I'm fucking one all the damn time.

Alice Vaughn 3:41
Well, there you go. Does he ever bring you a pizza is a better question.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:44
Oh, he doesn't. This whole relationship is built on a throne of lies and I need my husband to bring me a pizza. Clearly. I'm the cook in the house. He's the one that makes coffee.

Riley Reyes 3:56
It's important to have your roles figured out like that. Good division of labor. He makes Much

Yvette d'Entremont 4:00
better coffee than me I it's not that he can't cook it's that I love it. So that's how the division happened. But yeah, I do get to fuck up delivery boy we should we should roll we've never role played that though that is happening and I'm going to mix it with the horse that challenge

Alice Vaughn 4:15
I kind of want you guys to go all in on this roleplay like I want him to apply for a job at a local Pizza Hut pizza store really commit I don't

Yvette d'Entremont 4:22
know which one he worked at like you know his high school job and I'm like I want him to show up to the door with a pizza.

Alice Vaughn 4:28
I want you just to make the actual transaction like call up your local Domino's and say I would like to place an order he applied for specifically a little delivery boy job and he came to deliver a pizza so I think

Yvette d'Entremont 4:41
your give me a few days I can talk him into this. I'm very invested in my roleplay I'm sorry there's no other way to put this you know he was down for having his penis cloned for clonal Willie, so I'm pretty sure I can talk him into baby. I have this idea. So how would you like to go back to working at Domino's again cuz you I'm sure you would love it so much as a teenager.

Alice Vaughn 5:02
Riley, what's the most interesting job? You've had either fake job performing in porn or just in real life?

Riley Reyes 5:09
I mean, my job before I got into porn was working in production. And I did a lot of theater. And I did a lot of department store window installations actually in New York City. So the high end department store windows were pretty cool. We used to make a bunch of crazy sculptures. I'd be in some warehouse in Red Hook fiberglassing things in the middle of the summer. It was wild actually sounds like a lot of fun. Not the fiberglassing but a lot of the other stuff. I got to paint and glitter things and put fake snow on stuff and make tiny Christmas elves. That was fun.

Yvette d'Entremont 5:41
I can see that being good. So Riley, how did

Alice Vaughn 5:43
you get into the industry? Since you were a creative before?

Riley Reyes 5:47
Oh, I really consider myself kind of a hobbyist who went Pro. Alright, so I was working as an artist. I was going to lots and lots of sex parties, like on weekends, sometimes even during the week. I'd really fallen in with this. Cool crowd of like New York City, Brooklynite. vernors would love to warehouse parties that Bernard says and they go to brown and like polyamorous people, swingers all having these really neat themed sex parties and I was out playing going to these parties constantly, pretty much every weekend. Now part of me wants to know if we have friends in common from that. See,

Alice Vaughn 6:23
I have a strong feeling. We have a lot of friends in common since I'm in New York and I have a lot of friends who are burners so

Riley Reyes 6:29
well, I'm sure I have fucked some people, you know. But that's the scene kind of inspired me to try out porn. I'd always wanted to try but people tell you, it'll ruin your life and you'll be a social pariah. But once I was friends with these people, I said, You know, I don't think it will. I think these people will still like me and be my friend and did a few scenes is kind of on a lark and really liked it and ended up finally moving to Los Angeles to pursue it full time.

Yvette d'Entremont 6:56
I highly encourage moving to Los Angeles, not not just for porn, just because Los Angeles is way better than anywhere else in the universe or New York.

Alice Vaughn 7:03
I'm very offended by that.

Yvette d'Entremont 7:05
I'm like, Look, it's just it's New York only it's warm and you feel like you can take a breath once in a while because the city isn't screaming at you constantly. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 7:13
but you're not in traffic half the day, so Okay, fine. You

Riley Reyes 7:16
wait, what about pizza rat? I think we're all forgetting the cultural importance of pizza rats. A rat

Yvette d'Entremont 7:22
was a hoax.

Unknown Speaker 7:23

Unknown Speaker 7:24
yes, it was an amazingly well executed hoax. I was

Alice Vaughn 7:28
shocked. It was all of us.

Yvette d'Entremont 7:30
We were all a part of it. And it was all a part of us. But no, it was this person that pulls off these kind of like viral social media hoaxes. It's the most I read the story a bit and I was like, nothing is real. And I question everything now. It's amazing all the little things that somebody might be out there doing these little pranks that were like this fucked with my senses of reality. And you think this is real and finding out pizza route was fake was just Why?

Alice Vaughn 7:55
I mean, it's just so symbolic of New York to I mean, I saw and I'm not even kidding when I say This I saw a few months ago, a squirrel in the trees with a taco shell. And I felt like that embodied a lot of me. But I mean still pizza rat is just

Unknown Speaker 8:10
Alice Are you sure that's not your animal guy? You're your spirit creature that you it's not your form that you're transformed into like in the Harry Potter universe and no I am. I feel a squirrel with a taco is you?

Unknown Speaker 8:26
You're very fast paced and you like tacos? I think it's you.

Riley Reyes 8:29
That's a powerful talisman.

Yvette d'Entremont 8:33
Yeah, squirrel at the taco.

Alice Vaughn 8:34
So I feel like we kind of touched on this before we started the show. But what are the horcruxes and porn?

Yvette d'Entremont 8:40
What are the pieces of ones of a porn star soul I think or wherever you store your soul.

Unknown Speaker 8:46
I mean, one of them easily, like a lot of souls can fit in dreads penis or his testicles. subleased

Yvette d'Entremont 8:52
there's another one for dreads penis. His dreads penis is actually one of Voldemort's horcruxes

Riley Reyes 8:58
jets penis is testament to what the human body can be. It defies all reason. And it's been inside my butthole so I feel pretty proud. Oh, we have questions

Yvette d'Entremont 9:09
ask, how long did it take to ease it in? That's what I got to know.

Riley Reyes 9:14
Well, the thing with angel is that if you're going for something that big, it isn't even really a day of sort of process. It's the like, weeks leading up to a sort of process where you're gonna work your way up like bigger and bigger bugs until you're ready. So the day of it didn't take that long. Cool.

Alice Vaughn 9:32
I feel like this is what should be in an Olympic event almost being able to mount it.

Yvette d'Entremont 9:36
Yeah, I mean, he is mountain Dredd. We just have all the respect in the world both for that penis and for anyone who dares attempt it. So we

Alice Vaughn 9:44
got hemorrhoids just thinking about it.

Riley Reyes 9:46
Well, people do fisting so you know,

Yvette d'Entremont 9:48
yeah. Where would you hide yourself or actually would have to be something that people would have to work hard to find.

Alice Vaughn 9:54
Definitely is not in the tub of lube on set a Bible.

Riley Reyes 9:58
Oh, Bible would be an interesting one. I feel like one of the things about a Horcrux is its creation, right? So you have to be tearing your soul into pieces while it is created. So, to create a Horcrux in porn, you would have to be doing some sort of an activity that sort of broke your soul a little bit. So I feel like it would probably be at one of those big shiny red carpet events where all the cameras are pointed at me and I just want to be at home watching Netflix. I feel like my soul gets broken a little bit so probably one of my handbags from that nice nondescript barely comes out of the closet. No one

Unknown Speaker 10:34
else thinks about it, you know, put it into the goodie bag. That's you know, it's like, oh, I clitoral lube. That's something I really needed to spit isn't a thing. Exactly. Since we're all nerding out here. I did a little bit of research on you Riley and I found something what that kind of made me fall in love with you when you run a podcast. It's called research when you're just a plain old human on the internet. It's a little bit of stalking. Thanks, but we run a podcast So it's good to find

Alice Vaughn 11:01
so I love how you created your last name for porn. Oh, yeah. Coming from Firefly, right?

Riley Reyes 11:07
Yeah, I had to change it though I haven't been Riley Reynolds in years because there was another Brian Reynolds who is an agent in Florida, who ended up having a very unflattering documentary made about him hot girls wanted. And oh, when I first started in porn, I used the name Riley Reynolds. I was super excited to take the name of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. And then I had to change it because I was associated with him and it was not doing well for my brand. So I changed it to a name as close as I could come and I'm Riley Raz, but uh, you did some digging. She was thorough, and I'm sad to have lost my Firefly name. But it was his birth name. And there was a big popular documentary and there was no way I was going to rest my name back from that.

Yvette d'Entremont 11:52
Fair enough. I think I might have seen that one. Was that the documentary on on people looking for models in Russia or am I mixing it up with another creepy documentary It was

Riley Reyes 12:00
a creepy documentary based in Florida and produced by overheated Jones.

Alice Vaughn 12:05
Oh, wait, I know which one you're talking about. That's the one that where they discuss people getting into the industry for about three months. The Florida culture of porn and all of that stuff with it, right? Yeah.

Riley Reyes 12:17
So the agent there is Riley Reynolds of hasi models. No. Yeah. So that is it's actually always interesting. Many people in interviews like So tell me about how you chose your name. And I'm like, I chose the nearest name. I could get to my old name that I wanted.

Alice Vaughn 12:36
Oh, there was a nerd connection. I tried.

Riley Reyes 12:40
I will Firefly is very exciting. I got to see their 20th reunion panel at New York Comic Con so there's that was cool. I can't believe it's

Yvette d'Entremont 12:48
been that long since so many people got so mad about it being canceled.

Riley Reyes 12:52
Yeah, and that was a couple years ago.

Yvette d'Entremont 12:54
It was all foxes fault. A lot of things are all box sorry. You're not sorry. No, I'm not at all. Yeah, that seems fair. I stand by that statement.

Alice Vaughn 13:05
But yeah, so talking about a shitty movie that of how people are treated poorly in the industry, I think can be a decent segue to what you do, which is the wonderful work that APAC does. Why would we actually start by talking a little bit about what a PAC is? Because I'm still learning about it. And event and I are industry adjacent.

Yvette d'Entremont 13:24
Yeah, we consider ourselves you know, not part of, you know, in this and I don't think our audience or most of it is heard about this. So and they should

Riley Reyes 13:32
well, APAC is the adult farmer advocacy committee. We are a small nonprofit, but we are run entirely by and for the performers. So unlike FSC, the free speech coalition, which does amazing things for the industry, but is more representative of producers because that's where they get their funding. We are really, by and for performers exclusively and try to provide them with support resources, education. We also do like lobbying and outreach to lawmakers to help us be better represented on that end.

Alice Vaughn 14:07
That's awesome. I knew it was already a great group when I clicked on the homepage and one of the performers that I saw front and center was Ella darling, whom we love her. Oh, yes, Ella

Riley Reyes 14:17
was on the board for many years. She is no longer but she is still a valued supporter.

Alice Vaughn 14:23
So would you consider a pack a union for performers or just really a resource hub?

Riley Reyes 14:29
We're not a union. We're, we're just an advocacy group. I love the idea of adult performers unionizing. But because we are so disparate, and because we are so varied in our backgrounds, it's hard to get people to unite behind a banner for collective bargaining. So a pack just acts as an advocacy organization, a support organization and a community organization. So what type of specific things do you do for performers, I think our audience would love to hear a few examples here. I'd love to talk about the programs we have. I have recently pioneered a launch of a mentorship program where experienced performers can help newer performers in need, who want to have that kind of community support. We also offer mental health resources. We've got a sign up for group therapy sessions for people in the industry, which we find people need often after a loss in the industry or something else difficult that's going on. And we also provide monthly meetings that are accompanied by some sort of an enriching event. So it'll be a workshop on how to do rope bondage, or it'll be a class on how to handle your taxes or it'll be a community event to support a cause. We just did our pride month meeting, which was to benefit buck angels new charity transform house for recently incarcerated trans folks to help them transition to the next stage of their life. Nice. That was an amazing laundry list of a very wide range of services. We keep busy, and we try to help people with whatever they come to us with people will come to us needing legal support to get out of a situation with an agent. They're no longer happy with people who have come to us. Just for career advice people have come to us and looking to find just community events where they can be close to their fellow performers. We get all kinds of inquiries when we try to help everyone we can we also get inquiries from people who do not belong there like this guy's trying to get into porn or things like that.

Yvette d'Entremont 16:41
We get a lot of those. That's special. And now with sesta fossa have new challenges and new things you need to provide resources to deal with have any of those come up because it says to foster

Riley Reyes 16:55
honestly says to foster has most distinctly impacted People who are doing full service sex work, which is not specifically in our purview as an adult performer organization. But we have found that after sesta fascia, we've been able to form coalition with other sex worker activist groups to great effect. We've been helping to push to get Senate Bill, believe it's 233 passed here in California, which would help full service sex workers, it would not allow them to use condoms as evidence in cases prosecuting sex workers and also gives them immunity from being charged if they come forward about violent crimes they've witnessed or that have been perpetrated against them. Oh, thank God. So that's really cool and has made it through two of the three things that needs to do to get past That's awesome. Now quick question regarding not utilizing condoms as evidence. I'm just curious what the idea rationale behind that as honestly I'm don't understand the rationale behind using them as evidence in Many places in the United States and I'm sure the world just carrying condoms can make you a suspect as someone who sells sex

Alice Vaughn 18:10
Oh, okay. Not a used condom. It just Yes, having a pack of condoms. Oh,

Riley Reyes 18:15
I was thinking DNA testing. So if you are, let's say a trans woman walking in the wrong part of town, and you have condoms on you, they'll use that as evidence that he was a sex worker. Correct. And that is outrageous and encourages unsafe behavior and makes things riskier for those most marginalized and so, APAC is for adult former specifically, but we always try to lend a hand if there are other sex worker causes that we can boost like that. My brain still going you mean having a condom on you can? like yeah, I'll get over that in like two weeks. Yeah, they're really reaching for straws to profile people. Usually trans women of color. real growth. Yeah,

Alice Vaughn 19:01
that's very disappointing. And another thing you mentioned, actually, so going back for a hot second, sometimes even weeding out potentially bad apples, you know, people coming into the industry who really, you know, set their expectations differently, or even maybe directors or persons who may not be acting well. So I'm curious, I know even one of our patrons, Mike sorbetto. He was interested in what might be being done if anything to address bad behavior within the industry. I feel like everybody has had an idea of how mi two has kind of impacted, really everything else. But no one's really talked about what's being done in porn, if anything at all.

Riley Reyes 19:38
I feel like in porn, since it's sort of decentralized, it becomes hard to have any kind of a body that will oversee these sorts of problems. Yeah, the porn industry doesn't have an HR. The closest thing it has is APAC and FSC. And we really fall short of being able to fulfill those duties, having a board that can oversee complaints, provide people with training and gain some kind of justice is a special skill set all in itself, you basically need an HR department to be operating. And we simply don't have one as an industry. And so right now we're operating on pretty much a call out culture and then independent investigations by the production company associated with the director or photographer who had the complaint against them. And those investigations are varying in rigor and in public satisfaction with their accountability, which is shame. I mean, we know that there have been complaints about for instance, James Dean in the past, I mean, some fairly severe complaints and he's performing again and there are some performers that just won't work with the companies that are hiring him. And I don't know if that's fair. I don't know if that's right. That you know, some women are just staying away from potential women. work. I don't want to say that it's mandatory that it be forced out of the industry, but it's very strange. They're like, well, he might have done something that that violates the rules of everything we try to say is happening in sex and should happen in consensual sex, but we're just gonna, we're gonna let that slide like, I don't know what the answer to that is. It's really frustrating that we have no framework for any kind of justice. Really, it's all just vague and decentralized. But ideally, if we could have a framework, I would like I would like it to be one that was based on restorative justice. That makes sense. The allegations that I know of against James were from a while ago, and I certainly I'm not saying they didn't happen, I'm saying, I would like to see a path towards redemption that he could take to reenter the community in a way that was fully accountable, and not just this sort of vague. Well, I guess it's been long enough that he was in timeout. Let's test it again. kind of vibe that I'm getting now. I wish there was something a little more

Yvette d'Entremont 21:59
Yeah, I mean, that's It's okay for when your dog sits on the carpet, but not when a human does it to your industry. And I don't know what the answer is like, Is there an amount of time? Yeah, those are just the things we're struggling with, I guess

Riley Reyes 22:10
I have interacted with him. And I get the impression from interacting with him that he understands why what he did before was wrong and is interested in interacting with the culture in a way that is productive at positive at this point. But at the end of the day, I'm just one person who talked to him a few times. I'd love for there to be a system in place that could actually create a restorative justice structure. Yeah,

Yvette d'Entremont 22:38
exactly. That would be fantastic.

Alice Vaughn 22:40
Yeah, the problem is, especially with cloud culture, it's Yes, you can call out bad behavior, but what is the actionable thing that you can do? The problem is, especially in porn, is that if hypothetically something happens on set, I mean, not only do you not have HR, but if hypothetically, someone does so Non consensual onset to you guys. It's gonna be even harder to hypothetically go to even the cops because

Unknown Speaker 23:05
well, you're a porn actor Didn't you know this is part of the deal?

Alice Vaughn 23:08
Exactly. And that's not okay. At all. Their problem is that they make so many assumptions about you guys as well as the industry itself that you guys get less help than really anyone.

Riley Reyes 23:23
Yeah. Law enforcement doesn't know what to do if one of us tries to come to them with an assault story, because their whole ideas Didn't you get paid to go to set and have sex, and they don't have any kind of understanding of nuance, and there's no way for them to really interact with it. Well, you're saying cops don't understand nuance what what are you saying? You crazy ideas you're having here whole legal system doesn't understand anything involving nuancing consent, like no, it has a lot of trouble even recognizing date rape as a rape because you went out with tend to go on a date. Now, if you showed up on set to a highly stigmatized profession to have sex on camera for a living, the legal system really is not prepared to give you any kind of justice. And so you have to sort of seek it on your own through your community. And that sucks. And it's interesting, because I've heard it's funny people will come to me and say, but Alice, they'll say that you need consent during every step of the wait, like, you know, can I touch you? Can I do this?

Alice Vaughn 24:27
Yeah. Have you ever had sex with someone? I want to ask those people? And to those same people, I kind of want to say like,

Yvette d'Entremont 24:32
what about when I stick a finger in your butthole? Is that okay? I didn't ask. Do I have to as soon as I'm naked? It means I can put anything and anything and not ask according to some people were too shitty,

Riley Reyes 24:44
right? I feel like there's an opportunity on every adult set. Since you guys are industry. Jason, you probably know this. Before every scene you'll have a little quick talk about do's and don'ts. And a lot of times that's your opportunity to communicate that but I think Find a lot, especially with newer performers. They don't even necessarily know what might come up that they are not comfortable with. Yeah, like a newer girl might not realize she has to say, I don't like spit in my face, please. Or don't choke me. Those are things that I know I would have to say if I didn't want them. But a lot of people don't necessarily know what the sandbox that they're playing in looks like what the edges of it are. Yeah, and which things they would have to negotiate before they start doing a scene.

Yvette d'Entremont 25:29
Like I did not know that I did not like canes until the first time tried having someone cane me and it was not pleasant. And I did not like I don't know still if they were just bad at it. How do you know that going in? Or it was just that's how I learned and it would have sucked a lot to find out on a porn set.

Riley Reyes 25:48
I always am fascinated with people who do experimentation on camera for that reason. I know some people like love that they have documented their first and they got to explore on camera. Sophia grace told me that was one Her favorite things about porn is that she gots to all this sexual exploration on camera. I'm just sitting there. What if you didn't like it is so much pressure to

Yvette d'Entremont 26:08
Yeah, I'm not. I'm not a good enough actor to pretend that something's making me feel good when I want to punch the person doing to me in the face. Sorry.

Riley Reyes 26:15
Right. So I think part of the problem is people don't understand what they can negotiate for. I've noticed more and more companies because of this problem, have implemented two things. One of them is for performer on performer concerns what we're talking about right now. And what they've done for that is they've started including a consent checklist for performers, something really simple that just has your physical and your verbal do's and don'ts that performers can fill out before scene for one another. I know gamma is doing this and all these sets and several other companies have started to do this, I think to legally cover their asses, but it's also creating a consent culture that I like to see and I'm excited that it's there.

Alice Vaughn 26:57
I think that's great. However,

Riley Reyes 26:59
a lot of reasons Farmers seem to view it as stupid. Like I've been on set with people who are in philosophic. What do you mean? nicknames? You can't call me I'm like, if you don't want to be called a whore, that's a thing. Like, what do you mean like do's and don'ts and like, well, like, some people don't like to be choked. Some people don't like to be spit on. Some people don't like snowballing. Like, you just just pick the things you don't want to do. And if it's, and they even on the gamma sets require you to write an A, if there's nothing that you want to say, just so that they have a documentation that you had the option to say that. And when they give you this paperwork, they also tell you that you have the right to change your mind at anytime and call cut at any time. If you change your mind about how you feel during the course of the scene, which I think is really a step in the right direction.

Alice Vaughn 27:45
I think that's completely fair. I mean, you could be hypothetically, let's say into choking, but maybe a specific performer is doing it in a way that you don't feel comfortable with them doing that to you. So why not say no, actually, we tried it during the scene. I I'm good. Let's not continue.

Riley Reyes 28:02
Yeah, it's important to be able to retract. This is a win for everyone. Hopefully the culture will start to become more comfortable with this idea of talking about your do's and don'ts. I think it makes a better scene. I think it's hot away, and it will have better sex. If I have a little sheet or I can go. You know what, I don't really like it when you spank me. But like, I would love it if you choked me, and I like things to be really sloppy with lots of spit. Are you comfortable with that? And I think that you get a better scene when people know what each other like, I don't think there's anything bad about you

Yvette d'Entremont 28:34
get excited about things together as opposed to talking someone into it. Crazy thought.

Alice Vaughn 28:40
So actually, this kind of leads into another question that another one of her patrons had. Paul, he mentioned, what do you wish people knew about the porn they consume? And the people who helped make it? I mean, we're kind of getting into the topic of ethical porn, and we always encourage our listeners to pay for your porn. Seriously guys pay for your porn pay for your porn. But in all honesty, people have asked, Well, how do I know what I'm consuming is ethical. I mean, do you have any insight into that?

Riley Reyes 29:11
The best surefire way to know that someone wants to be making the porn you're consuming is to buy the porn that they make themselves subscribed to their only fans buy from their clips for sale, buy it directly from the performer that you like, because that way you know that they're basically just making the porn that they want to make with their buddies. That is a really good piece of insight. Otherwise, I mean, I could list off a bunch of companies that I like and that I've had good experiences with. But honestly, people's experiences vary, and I feel a little bit reticent to project my own experiences onto everybody else. But I'd say just try to go out there and honestly, consuming from the bigger studios or directly from performers is probably the safest CEOs like penthouse or like gamma, who I've been talking so fondly of, like even kink, who had a bit of a rocky start now has really amazing consent work. Any of these more big brands are going to have a more well oiled consent machine and sort of HR department in a way. It's basically big studios or direct from performer and of course, I like direct from performer because that's me, and that's me and my friends having the sex that we want to have, you know, in our apartments and filming it for you guys. And there's something really cool and intimate about that.

Yvette d'Entremont 30:38
Pair of two girls one Mike, we think it's important to support you in your masturbatory habits. It's sex with someone you love, and we love

Alice Vaughn 30:46
them to love some really strong word.

Yvette d'Entremont 30:48
According to my therapist, we care about getting each and every one of them a better orgasm and that is close enough.

Alice Vaughn 30:55
And we will never recommend anything we haven't personally tested

Yvette d'Entremont 30:59
which is why You can trust us when we say we highly recommend Cloner Willy

Alice Vaughn 31:03
because with clone Willy you can masturbate and have sex with someone you love while at home and shame eating overeats

Unknown Speaker 31:10
I told you to take the camera out of my home. Oops. So with photo Willie, you can make a dildo and now a flashlight out of your own anatomy.

Alice Vaughn 31:20
As we found it's a fun and messy process.

Yvette d'Entremont 31:23
And if you're doing this on your partner, they're strategizing and evasive maneuvering. It's kind of like adult risk, but instead of winning a fake country, you get a real vibrator

Alice Vaughn 31:32
and do what you want with it. hang it on a wall,

Unknown Speaker 31:34
hide it in your goodie drawer for

Alice Vaughn 31:36
when you're home alone, send it to your significant other as the only version of you that's willing to fly united. Use it to fix

Yvette d'Entremont 31:42
a broken leak,

Alice Vaughn 31:44
or to cause one personal experience. Use it as a peer cozy smash the patriarchy with the cold one, ladies.

Yvette d'Entremont 31:53
So crack a cold phone with the boys stick it in the girls. where can

Alice Vaughn 31:58
our listeners find out more about this matter? To quote unquote go to quarter

Yvette d'Entremont 32:02
Willie comm to check it out and type in the promo code tg o m 20 to get 20% off your first purchase.

Alice Vaughn 32:10
I really, right now this is just going into my own fantasy territory because I just want to start supplying I feel like Alice is gonna be a cam girl one day I know I guys,

Yvette d'Entremont 32:20
no, stop it. Maybe there is nothing wrong with that and you're asked would make a killing. I'm just saying no, she had a great app.

Alice Vaughn 32:26
You don't even know where I'm going by this. I

Yvette d'Entremont 32:29
know. I was just derailing it as usual. Go on, go on

Alice Vaughn 32:33
green screens. So Riley, I kind of want more performers to have green screens. Because yes, you could be putting a dildo into your ass. But what if it was on

Yvette d'Entremont 32:45
the moon? I want it to be on the side of Jurassic Park. I want dinosaurs ripping each other to shreds behind your fucking

Riley Reyes 32:52
Oh my God, I should get a green screen. Because I'm obsessed with bad dragon. I've got all these really fun fantasy dildo you're always like, they don't really fit in in my bedroom or my living room or any of the other sets I can rent even like the cool ones it's like a bar or a restaurant or a doctor's office or school they still didn't fit with a bad dragon dildos but I could green screen and all kinds of crazy fantasy shit.

Alice Vaughn 33:15
You could be a guest on Larry King. Oh my god Shut

Yvette d'Entremont 33:19
up. I have a green screen you can borrow? I live in in the dtla area

Riley Reyes 33:24
that's amazing. I'm gonna get my elf ears and all my various monster pillows and show up at your house.

Unknown Speaker 33:30
Oh my god, it's Don't tempt her this is going to happen.

Yvette d'Entremont 33:33
I know when we first moved into this place it's basically the area where our bed is now was once upon a time used as a stage and when we first put the bed on to it because they had not taken down the light and the speakers were like fuck There's our bedroom look like a porn set and I'm I'm a little sad that the lights were taken down like the part of me that's like, I would like a place that looks livable. Thank you is glad that they're down. But like for a while it was like, Can we turn on the red and blue While we're having sex tonight, we have enough lights and everything set up and I'm like when should we start renting this out for porn productions?

Riley Reyes 34:08
Well now you've done it now you're not gonna be able to get rid of me

Yvette d'Entremont 34:11
darn come on over I'll set up a green screen

Alice Vaughn 34:15
Oh, what a shame having Riley come over film a scene? Yeah, come over and do weird stuff. How weird I might be into it. I'll pay for it. We have

Yvette d'Entremont 34:24
whatever you need here. I'll provide the sanitation and the lube. You go to town. I have a really good camera.

Riley Reyes 34:30
Like loudly fisting myself in your home in front of your green screen

Yvette d'Entremont 34:35
define loudly like well the entire house here just the apartment because either way it's great. I just want to know

Riley Reyes 34:41
definitely at least the apartment depends how into it I get I guess. Oh hell yeah.

Yvette d'Entremont 34:45
Let's bring over the bat the bat dragon toys to people need to sell. Yeah, they're fantastic. If you guys don't know these things look like either monster. penises or tails are technical. They're just they're beautiful. If you

Alice Vaughn 34:57
want a demogorgon dick

Riley Reyes 34:59
to have it on. I haven't gotten the demogorgon currently I have a tentacle that glows in the dark. I have a horse stick. I have one of their big thick dragon Dix. It's like It's like a fist in its proportions, which I appreciate. And then I have the Griffin deck, but it also it has come to so I can make it squirt. I want to

Yvette d'Entremont 35:21
who there was one on there that I decided to order, specifically because I'm like, I remember killing that creature in Witcher three. I totally want the dick of it. So if y'all want to know how nerdy I am, that's how I order my dildos have I killed the creature in a nerd video game. Yes, I want the deck there

Alice Vaughn 35:38
come lube looks so much like come it's kind of creepy. I

Riley Reyes 35:42
just got a really great viscosity for anal play to

Yvette d'Entremont 35:46
like oh, I'm ordering

Riley Reyes 35:46
that too. I really appreciate I like I love that I'm just like completely non spawn here like that dragon please notice me let me be here. spokesmodel I believe in you.

Yvette d'Entremont 35:57
We love bad dragon here too. So it's go ahead and talk them about You want

Unknown Speaker 36:00
oh yeah I have a few of their shapes that's all I'm saying I am very happy lady because of them. So

Yvette d'Entremont 36:08
yeah, we've used and we approve so eventually we're going to get them as sponsors here Don't worry we're working on it. We want to get you those promo codes because we want you to pay for your sex and for your toys but not too much.

Riley Reyes 36:20
They've been very supportive I think because I put up publicity for them whenever I get a new toy so they've they'll give me discounts as it is. I

Alice Vaughn 36:28
saw someone and I think it was a bad dragon toy. It has to be I'm going back to my brain from like a week ago there was a clip online on Twitter I think it was that either Tommy shared or someone liked. And it was a woman super tiny. Actually Riley she looked a lot like you maybe she was you wasn't you

Yvette d'Entremont 36:51
will find out soon

Alice Vaughn 36:53
find out very quickly. But the point is, it was a tentacle, but it was a huge tentacle. It went up to like boob height. From when she was sitting and that first off concerned to be second off, she was very tiny and she got that all into her ass in one shot just went in

Yvette d'Entremont 37:09
panicle No, it's bigger. It was bigger. It's the reticle I saw that.

Alice Vaughn 37:14
Okay, so number one, how many organs did she have to remove to get that in? You

Riley Reyes 37:20
know, it's really amazing Emily people can accommodate. So yeah, like, honestly, I can fit more badly. But I really respect like intense high level animal training like that. And I really like topping for people who aspire to that level of anal sluttiness. Like, Natalie Mars is amazing as an angel bottom and so is Michael Vegas. They both just, they could really put a lot in there. And I really have fun with that.

Yvette d'Entremont 37:48
I'm just laughing because I love that we're at a type of conversation where we're like, we applaud all the things you stick in your ass for our pleasure. Thank you so much for the expansive work you do literally. Yeah, it's long.

Alice Vaughn 38:00
It really is. And there are people who are like, No, I have the clown car of anuses Oh, it's,

Yvette d'Entremont 38:07
I have nothing to respond with to that.

Unknown Speaker 38:11
You know what, as someone who wants to date a guy with a clown finish, that's the closest I'll get. So that's a read for me.

Yvette d'Entremont 38:18
I tried to lay tech guy clown fetish. I'm like, I look I don't have that much time to put on makeup. Like I say that I wear clown makeup. But like I stopped a little short of like, I've been to a clown themed orgy.

Riley Reyes 38:32
I went to a friend's birthday party in Bushwick. He is really into clowning and had always wanted to have a clown orgy. girl who was dating at the time was sort of a burlesque chick. And he asked for his birthday present to be a clown orgy. And a lot of people in the scene sort of grumbled, so they wouldn't be coming. And he said, I understand. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but this is my birthday. And I really wanted this for so long. And so everyone who went had to Be in costume. I painted my face up and I went to this fantastic clown sex party. Wow, were there different types of clowns it's someone show up as it were their balloons Did someone try making a balloon animal out of a penis

Alice Vaughn 39:12
I need to know and then stick it in an ash

Riley Reyes 39:15
there were balloons I didn't see anyone insert them into anyone. No one went is scary clowns. It was all just sort of designed to be like circus clowns somewhat for the happy clown someone for the sad clown little bit of every Oh, and he got a circle of boobs also was for his birthday present. So we put him in the middle of a circle of us dressed as clowns with our kids out right. He closed his eyes he got spun around really, really fast. And then he opened his eyes again and just like walk towards the first pair of boobs he saw and then he grabbed all the boobs he could and since we were clowns, we all started to each make our own noise for our boobs. So we start like honking rubber.

Yvette d'Entremont 39:50
Yeah. For

Unknown Speaker 39:53
circle of clown

Unknown Speaker 39:53
boobs just a reminder children at home all these things are okay if everyone has consented.

Riley Reyes 39:59
Yeah, and Of course, he asked right before the circle whoops, he said, who would like to come to the this room with me and let me grab their boobs. So we all went to a separate room if that was something we were interested in, okay with.

Alice Vaughn 40:10
Yeah, that's amazing. Um, what other themed orgies? Have you been to? Or have them just not held up to clown orgy?

Yvette d'Entremont 40:19
If you have anything that is tops that I need to know,

Riley Reyes 40:21
that clown orgy was definitely the most funny story about, I think the most impressive one, in terms of world building was a post apocalypse themed one. Oh my god, the guy who threw it created an entire story about post apocalyptic new Brooklyn. He posted all of the events and stories in character as the warlord of post apocalyptic new Brooklyn. I played a character there and helped him throw the party as one of his handmaidens. He had a guard. He had like a whole thing that he staged like later on as he was like going mad with power and see stayed in character. So it was like a post apocalyptic sex party meets LARP at least on his part because he really committed to the character all night other people kind of came as themselves.

Alice Vaughn 41:10
So based on the level of detail and planning, number one, this is something Alice is going to start doing. Maybe I'm not saying that I'm wet over here.

Yvette d'Entremont 41:22
But so how many binders is it take to make a good party? That's what Alice wants to know. That's what gets her really hard.

Alice Vaughn 41:29
This definitely sounds like three binders at least bare minimum.

Riley Reyes 41:33
Yeah, this this guy's definitely is someone who appreciates Vampire the Masquerade. He also did a Vampire the Masquerade themed party, in which he stayed in character and sort of wrote a whole story for himself as the host. And we all dress color coded based on like, which of the houses we were in. He really oh man likes those White Wolf gaming systems.

Yvette d'Entremont 41:54
I must saying Alice is going to start throwing sex parties, but I'm saying if she does, this is how she's doing it.

Alice Vaughn 41:59
Well, I'll have to To introduce the two of you. Who lives in Manhattan? Yes. So, okay, I'll be frank, I haven't gone to a sex party yet in New York at a pure curiosity, I'll eventually go to one. But the problem is I feel like my standards are around, learn more of, because I am a nerd. That's the kind of world I'm interested in. I'm into people actually caring about roles and character. So you do something post apocalyptic, you create a storyline, you

Yvette d'Entremont 42:34
find it a lot of these sex parties, the first like 20 minutes to an hour that everyone's there. There are a lot of people that are kind of nervous about the fact that eventually they're going to be naked and a lot of other people are going to see them so people forget to stay in character.

Riley Reyes 42:47
Yeah, a lot of these were sort of like innovate only within like the community that I was in. So you'd have to at least be vouched for by someone and come in as their couple or through apple or whatever you wanted to do. And usually For the ones I went to the first hour or so would be people are coming in the door and it's almost like a variety cabaret style act of whatever the thing is. The clown party was a lot less LARP like and a lot more of like a cabaret with like, Cool variety acts and like burlesque and stuff like that because that was that group. I just really hope someone committed ahead of time and just said, No, I'm staying at home. I can't shoot any clips because I need to learn how to make a balloon animal. I came in as a Skype guest to the second Vampire the Masquerade party, as like this freaky vampire Oracle. I did this crazy makeup with like tear stains like running down my face. And like we had a whole thing where I couldn't be there to have sex with people but I made an appearance. Part of

Yvette d'Entremont 43:48
the story. I feel like if there's a picture of this makeup, we need to take that picture and use it for the promo for the surface.

Riley Reyes 43:54
Oh my gosh, I'll have to go find it. It was on my first Instagram that got deleted but it may be fundable somewhere. We found

Yvette d'Entremont 44:00
our favorite nerd and the porn verse and we're showing it off

Alice Vaughn 44:03
oh my gosh you guys

Riley Reyes 44:04
you're just sitting here with me with like kind of my entire skull tapestry in the background. But there is a giant wall sized Rebel Alliance sigil from Star Wars next to me see a poster for this thing just a ton of video games let's see a we a ps4 ps to see an entire come over and we can battle it out in Mario Kart got a 360 over there like we just got like switch a huge I do not have a switch yet. But it is it is on my wish list right now if any of the fans would like to buy that for me, like a big old Xena and X Files box set like that. This is how I'm living, loving nerdery and porn I see nothing wrong with this lifestyle.

Unknown Speaker 44:46
Oh, it's not like most of our audience isn't turned on by that thought. Everyone who wasn't already maxed out on places they were subscribing to for their porn. They're like all right clicking worser website. I need it. Now.

Riley Reyes 44:56
I'll be launching my own only fans. here very soon, if they follow me on social media, they'll be able to catch that launch. I'm currently stacking up a bunch of fun content for him. But yeah, they can hang out and see my nerdy self in action. Cuz like, I've got a ton of video games and tabletop games, and I spent the rest of my spare time doing besides activism is martial arts. So it's just gonna be a ton of like, jujitsu shit, nerdy shit and then just like me being a pervert, that's the whole

Unknown Speaker 45:25
Jiu Jitsu come super in handy though, because you don't have to be big and massive. You just need to, you need to leverage someone else's body against them. Exactly.

Riley Reyes 45:36
Sometimes, if someone's bigger, they're even easier to choke their necks just right there, isn't it? Just asking for it?

Unknown Speaker 45:43
Unless they have no neck. I have so many ways to choke people. Now. It's exciting. This is very true. Just little bitty pinch right on right on the sides. But if they have no neck, how

Riley Reyes 45:52
do you grab it? Exactly. I'm saying the bigger people with the bigger necks. I appreciate them.

Yvette d'Entremont 45:56
Because I mean, normally you pinch the blood vessels, just push them further out.

Riley Reyes 46:00
A lot of the things that I do in jujitsu, I'm often using people's collars or using my forearm to kind of, it's a visual gag. But there's a lot of different ways that you can choke someone, not necessarily just using your hands like your hands and your arms and your forearms and sometimes their arm and your leg and it's a whole, there's a lot of ways,

Unknown Speaker 46:18
no to self sign up for jujitsu, it's pretty

Riley Reyes 46:21
sexy, we roll around and get sweaty and try to choke each other. I'm into it on a fetish level. And it's also super nerdy, because it's a strategy game that you play with your body. One of my friends says, it's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube that's trying to solve you at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
I love that comparison. This is not in any way making me not want to sign up for Jiu Jitsu lessons.

Riley Reyes 46:44
Yeah, that's a thing I want to do now. It is one of the nerdiest martial arts, perhaps the nerdiest. There's just something about the fact that is like legitimate people who enjoy physics puzzles using the body, like Oh, so if you move the fulcrum a little bit closer, you could break somebody's arm like this. That's why you tap.

Yvette d'Entremont 47:02
Oh man,

Alice Vaughn 47:03
so I did jujitsu years ago for a short period of time and because I kind of double jointed a little bit of when they tried tapping me out there were a lot of times he just couldn't do it. Interesting.

Riley Reyes 47:15
Yeah. curious what submissions would work on you while you're definitely still trackable?

Alice Vaughn 47:19
Oh, very charitable. Sorry, audience now you guys all know.

Yvette d'Entremont 47:26
There are a couple different ways you can choke someone. A lot of times people who don't know we'll go for the front of the throat because they think cut off the airway. There are a couple different spots. You can pinch on the side of the neck that grab the blood vessels that stop ER and you'll get a few seconds of being feeling a little high from being oxygen deprived, but you have to like please don't learn how to choke for me describing it please look this up, go to a class. Have somebody teach it to you, but yeah, like, don't go for the windpipe.

Riley Reyes 47:50
Yeah, definitely even at home for sexy times. Just avoid the wind pipe. That's an amateur move right there. If you're crushing and hurting my windpipe that's not even good. To get you the good effects from the choking, like the good sexy effects from the choking people want or the feeling of the hand on the neck and the lightheadedness you get from like losing the blood to the brain. But you have to be very careful with that and very communicative and do Please do your research. You don't want people to pass out it could cause brain damage, right? You don't want to cause your partner brain damage. That's not nice.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
I mean, depends on the I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
Why are you having sex with

Unknown Speaker 48:24
them if you want to give them brain This is why it was a joke with no meaning whatsoever. There you go.

Alice Vaughn 48:29
So speaking of safety tips during sex, so obviously there's a number of people who will look at porn stars and say I want to fuck like a porn star. I'm sure a fair amount do a lot of rookie mistakes. What are some fun maybe sex tips that you can give to our listeners at home of do's antidotes aside from don't break your partner's neck?

Riley Reyes 48:51
Well, I literally also teach classes at sex toy stores and swinger events and dungeons on how to fuck like a porn star. Most Popular classes being oral, like a porn star and Anna, like a porn star, one of my most popular classes, my angel, that's the question I received the most. So I'm going to talk a bit about that. I feel like part of the problem with angel is that it's shown a lot in porn. But we show nothing of the warmth that leads to it. Maybe it'll show something with a toy or some fingers. But we don't really show a realistic warm up. Usually someone has warmed up, offset, and like I said, for the dread seen, if you're getting to bigger sizes, you weren't at home for weeks leading up to it and people just don't know, the training required to do the physical feats that we do. So what I suggest to people for anal, it's not just about lube and going slow. It's about training your body to take bigger sizes. My biggest piece of advice is to masturbate, mainly using toys starting from small and working your way up, and really give yourself orgasms or something in there. So you get to know your body and get to know what you do and don't like That way, it's not just a favor you're doing for some guy. It's a way that you can experience pleasure and get to know your own body and own your pleasure. I think that's really important. And otherwise, I say, pain free angel is the goal. A lot of people think you should grin and bear it and wince to the pain, you'll get to the good. And plenty of people get drunk on tequila and do that. And they have a fine enough time. I did that for a while. But I realized that if you warm up and stretch and take your time, use your toys, use your lube, and get your body to where it can stretch. It's just like yoga, you stretch to the point of discomfort, not the point of pain, and you stay right there at the point of discomfort and breathe into it until you're ready to go deeper. And it should be the same way with anal sex. I don't see why people are so unkind to their poor buttholes when they treat their other muscles with more respect,

Unknown Speaker 50:53
please forgive the buttholes people. Yeah, guys.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
It's a delicate area.

Alice Vaughn 50:58
It feels like we should come out with Like wristbands I mean they had that for what was it testicular cancer at some point the yellow wristbands should have butthole wristbands they'll be brown.

Riley Reyes 51:08
You know, wellness awareness

Yvette d'Entremont 51:10
will also have pink ones for people who are in favor of bleached households which whatever whatever works for your asshole we support its health and safety and pleasure.

Riley Reyes 51:18
I feel like instead of save the whales, we should have T shirts have saved the anus. really forget who it was. I saw speaking I think it was Jessica Drake who was up on a stage making the audience stay with her. No more Oops, wrong whole whole mica. Because it's like that's not an acceptable way to try to negotiate to get anal.

Yvette d'Entremont 51:38
Nobody doesn't know they're sticking it in there. Or at least I don't think that's the thing you can do. If you've ever felt the warmth of one and the other you don't go Oh, I couldn't tell what. No,

Riley Reyes 51:51
I've had some clumsy things where they almost started to but honestly it's tight enough spot that like you notice pretty quickly like

Yvette d'Entremont 52:00
It's not like all of a sudden this vagina got to the point where you have to like shove it in like that's not a thing

Unknown Speaker 52:06
like why is there suddenly that this resistance? It's because it's a different hole, bro.

Yvette d'Entremont 52:11
Yeah, this one's got muscular tension man.

Riley Reyes 52:13
I really think it's weird that there are so many guys who want to put things in and girls and wouldn't even be willing to put a finger in their own to see what they're doing and they have prostate, prostate, the thing is in BDSM, a proper top who's shopping for a crop or a cane or a Flogger will test it on their own forearm before bringing it home to use on their sub. That way they know what they're doing, even though they don't enjoy pain. And I always tell the guys who are in the couples who come to my angel class like, hey, even if you know penetration isn't your thing that you want to feel. You should at least put a finger in yourself sometimes so you know what you're doing.

Yvette d'Entremont 52:52
Yeah, feel what it feels like to work up to it feel like just so you know, even something small like a finger or a really small bump. Plug with if not properly worked up to, I've just shoved in there is gonna hurt and I don't think that people who haven't tried it or just want it and have no conception that somebody could do that to them. That's not a thing they consider when being like no I can just shove this in. I saw it in the porn. That's one of the biggest pieces of psychoeducation I want to get out there is like it takes time not just the day of but often like weeks or months leading up to trying it and that it should be something in which you know your body it's about pleasure, not about pain and sort of sacrificing for someone else that's not sexy. So guys just patience and work and YouTube and have fuckin kick ass but sex

Riley Reyes 53:41
you can. I believe in you.

Alice Vaughn 53:43
We need motivational posters for the show. This is a second time I'm requesting them so if you want a motivational poster, please email us at info at two girls one Mike calm. We believe in you and maybe with an anal scene. Oh my gosh.

Yvette d'Entremont 53:56
I want like just a picture of the mountains in the background with the phrase use more lube, wash your junk. Just all of our little things that we use in the show all the time. I just want to wash your junk one.

Riley Reyes 54:09
I like the idea of one that says I believe in you that's just like a black gloved fist.

Yvette d'Entremont 54:17
Oh my god. Yeah, I think that's the thing we should start selling on our website.

Alice Vaughn 54:21
All we need are two of you to write in. That's it, too. And we'll make it I'll make it I have time. Actually, I don't have time, but I'll figure it out.

Yvette d'Entremont 54:29
she'll send it to me and be like Yvette, you need to make this happen. There'll be a division of labor

Alice Vaughn 54:34
will end up going to the EU next year. And we'll start just handing out different campaign posters. There'll be safety posters, the do's and don'ts.

Riley Reyes 54:45
I mean, people have so much that they need to know and people get so many ideas about sexuality from porn. And it's unfortunate that there isn't a more open sexual dialogue or better sex education in our culture because to get your sex Education solely from porn is like, trying to learn to drive from watching Fast and Furious or trying to learn from to fight from watching WWE. It's just not what you do. It's for entertainment. It's for titillation, and it's fun. But if that's the only information you're getting, you have a serious gap in your education.

Unknown Speaker 55:19
So listeners of the show know that one of the ways that I learned my sex education was through Cosmo, the magazine. Yeah, yeah, I see your faces on common.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Yeah, it happened to me too. And it took like my 20s to undo all of that damage.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Oh, it did put a doughnut on your man's dick. No, do not do that.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Oh, I used to shoelace on a guy's dick because Cosmo said it would spice things up. Oh, I need to

Yvette d'Entremont 55:47
know how this how this worked out. What did you do with the shoelace to the deck

Alice Vaughn 55:51
wraps it around the deck kind of Indian burned him? It's not my fault. It's

Yvette d'Entremont 55:57
Cosmo. What the fuck

Riley Reyes 55:59
you Use a shoelace for like, almost like cotton balls bondage in which you could like sort of go with like a figure rate around the balls and you could create that like constriction, so it'd be like a caulk ring, and sort of simulation, but it's a little dummy. And it requires skills. And you'd have to do some research there.

Alice Vaughn 56:19
Oh, no, this was set like 18 year old Alice had no idea what she was doing. Got all her sex ed and not from Catholic school, but from cosmopolitan. So

Yvette d'Entremont 56:30
there we go. I've had also ice cubes I've used on men. Don't do that. I think I dated a guy who used Cosmo for his sex tips because he got the impression that ice cubes in there was a delightful experience. And I was tied up at the time. I'm sitting here going this is not the worst thing that I've had. It's been a pleasure. Fine. I'm a little bit of a of a masochist, to play into someone's sadistic tendencies, but at the same time, I'm like, Who told someone this is gonna be a good time?

Riley Reyes 56:59
Yeah, ice really is More of a thing that you can use for torture unless you temper it a bit like you can hold it in your mouth and like run it gently over someone switch a little bit cooling or you can hold it in your hand and just drip the cool water if you want to be sensual but again, these are all these are all skills that require finesse.

Yvette d'Entremont 57:15
This person filled a condom with water and froze it.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
Oh god. Oh yeah, that is kinky in a painful way.

Yvette d'Entremont 57:25
Yeah, like if it's for the record not thing I I found out that was not a thing I was into it I feel like like and I just don't like the cold anyway, so why would I like it directly on my lady parts. So that's also more sexual adventures you have the more things you find out you're into or not into

Alice Vaughn 57:42
think I just read the article of how to use items in your kitchen junk drawer during sexual roleplay one on one spatulas SATs amazed spatulas I have a femme Dom clip that's kinda like that, in which I have them do terrible, torturous things to themselves with things they might find in a case. And drunk door set the whole point is that I'm torturing them. So

Yvette d'Entremont 58:04
I taught a class once on Home Depot in the bedroom genius was just how to you know, improvise with everything in there and like no matter what you walk in there and there have to be at least like three aisles that you're like, there are toys, I could do something with this and it's now if people haven't thought about this when they walked into Home Depot every time they're gonna walk by the ropes and the change and every other thing they're going to be like,

Alice Vaughn 58:25
Are you kidding me? Just go to doorknobs those are all book plugs.

Yvette d'Entremont 58:29
How would I not thought of this? I'm slipping.

Riley Reyes 58:32
I'm a big fan of the pet store in the bedroom like PetSmart as a sex toy store that's just got so much weird like stuff with collars that are fantastic. All these little toys I can like use this gags and stuff like all these various like choke chains and, and things and, and then vet wrap that wrap is amazing for bondage. You do have to go get yourself some medical shears for removal. But it's so easy to get the bondage tapes cheap proven bondage tape. Yeah, it's like bondage tape. I don't know if it's more or less expensive, but it adheres to itself really well. It's stretchy, unlike bondage tape because it's designed to be a badge, right? It sticks to itself really well. You can use it to completely wrap someone frog their legs and arms if you like, use it for impromptu cuffs. It's amazing. You just need to get yourself some like medical safety shears to take it off. But it is my favorite bondage implement of all time.

Alice Vaughn 59:28
So now I'm picturing a squeaky toy being used for anal I would do that. I pay for it.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
I'm also picturing it being used to like for puppy play because some people are into being treated like a dog. And that's the other thing is I like puppy play stuff. So I've got an assortment of pet things. Are there masks too. I don't

Riley Reyes 59:48
have the full mask. I do have the rubber butt plug tail, which I like.

Yvette d'Entremont 59:53
That's fun. I am indeed a fan of butt plugs with tails on them. I accept your judgment people.

Alice Vaughn 59:58
Yeah, well, a lot of nerds. Like that. So what you guys are saying is you can role play as the squirrel eating the taco shell.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
And we can put you in a tree with the green screen. So this is all looping back together for this scene we're eventually going to create together.

Riley Reyes 1:00:17
And then that squirrel tail would become my Horcrux.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
Yep, yeah, we've tied it all together. We're geniuses. I think the show is wrapped up. It has a bow on it. We planned this everyone. Yeah, we were that on top of our ship this week that we weren't.

Alice Vaughn 1:00:32
I am never that on top of my shit. alysus though, God. So Riley, where can our listeners find more of you?

Riley Reyes 1:00:41
If you want to find me on Twitter? It's at Riley rea triple x that's ri le y r e y x x x. Or you can buy my femme Dom clips. I want Riley Reyes calm. And if you keep track of me on social media, you can find out about my upcoming projects in both my education and in terms of my subscription,

Alice Vaughn 1:01:05
sexy stuff. Awesome and we'll link to all of that in the show notes. By the way, we do have some fantastic patrons to think this week because they did send you a fantastic mic so we got some great quality audio thank you this week we want to thank Brent hola shake Hamilton McDermott Eris night, Graham Smallwood, Amanda and Bob Cole, john wingle, Kyle, Washington priest, pilot, Sam Montana, Megan Hall, and so many others. And if you want to become a patron yourself and by the way, we have at least 1313 episodes that you guys can listen to as patrons that our Patreon only exclusive content just go to patreon.com slash two

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
girls one Mike and y'all think I'm weird here it gets way weirder on Patreon.

Alice Vaughn 1:01:50
Yeah, we we talk about stuff stuff that we let tales

Yvette d'Entremont 1:01:54
out of school, spill the tea, the tea at all. It all comes down to the counter in there.

Alice Vaughn 1:02:00
So and you can also find all of that add to URLs on mike.com By the way, event where can our fantastic listeners find you? Y'all

Yvette d'Entremont 1:02:07
can find me over at the side babe on Twitter and Instagram and facebook.com slash Sai babe and of course eBay comm where I deliver up science and a heaping boatload of snark,

Alice Vaughn 1:02:17
Alice, where can everybody find you? Well, they could find me over at Twitter at rational blonde, but of course, weekly on this podcast. By the way, if you can't become a Patreon, that's fine, guys, leave us a comment. Share the podcast to all of your friends. We'd love seeing what you say about us. Good batter views bring us so much joy. We mostly just care about the good ones. Fuck you. If you give us a one star. No, I'm kidding. So please don't do that.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:02:45
Please don't.

Alice Vaughn 1:02:47
But guys, we do appreciate your support and we can't wait to see you

Yvette d'Entremont 1:02:51
again next week. Bye bye bye.

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